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Hi all,

I was wondering if there was anyone recieving care at the Lupus clinic in Southampton Genral Hospital? I was hoping for reviews what the Doctors/treatment are like etc?

I'm currently treated at Hammersmith who i have to say are great and have saved my lfe several times. However me and Hubby are moving to Southampton mostly due to more afforable housing. I have looked at the reviews for the hospital but unfortunatly they did not have any reviews on the Lupus clinic. Any comments welcome.

Take care all and i wish you all well:)

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  • Hi there,

    Welcome to moving to Southampton. I live on the outskirts, on the edge of the New Forest so I go to Southampton Lupus Clinic, I am under Chris Edwards, Rheumatologist there, and Sally, the Lupus Specialist Nurse is a great first contact. Any problems I have I contact her, if she can deal with it she does, or she can arrange for me to see Dr Edwards.

    As far as I am concerned they have done right by me and I cannot fault either of them or the whole team.

    Good luck to you. x

  • Thanks a bunch Sue, really appriciate it. Would be great tomeet up once i move if your intrested as im not going to know anyone there. We were looking in holbury sat gone but did not see anything we liked. Thanks again. Take care.

  • I've got my first appointment here in 2 weeks so fingers crossed :)

  • Hey Hun, would love to hear some feedback?... good luck with the appointment. I would be really keen to know if they really listen to you or just intimidate you cos their Doc and your patient kinda thing if you know what mean? Hope it goes well:)

  • yeah its on thre 31st so i'll let you know :)

  • cool, thanks:)

  • Hi- I was under chris Edwards at Southampton until about 3 years ago and I was with him from the time he started at soton. The team there are excellent, Sally the lupie nurse is brilliant and if you ever need to speak to her there is a direct line number to her. As its a teaching hospital, you do get a lot of student drs, but if you don't want them in your consultation they always ask if ifs ok. The only reason I have moved us cos I moved to Christchurch and there is a lupus clinic here. But I'm right next to the new forest and would be interested in meeting up! X

  • Oh and my experience of soton lupie clinic apart from one time when I was quite young - in 14 years they've always been great, very approachable and really do listen to you x

  • One more thing vagabond! I've just read ur 32- I'm 34 and was diagnosed at 16... It would be nice to meet up with someone my own age- I am a member of the Dorset lupus group and great though they are most if them are over 50! Good luck with the move x

  • Hey Tamsin, thanks for taking the time to write i would love to meet up once we move! i was part of the Lupus group at Hammersmith and found the same problem so would be great to meet up with someone that has had Lupus from a young age and similar age:) yehh im all excited now was worried i would be all lonely when we moved:).

    Tamsin can i ask a personal question? what did you decided on children did you decide to have them or not? and if you did can i ask how your pregnancies went and how the treatment at the Hospital was? im just at the age now tht i need to decide one way or the other and am intrested about hearing peoples experiences.

    Look forward to meeting up, will keep you updated on the move front:) hope your enjoying the snow?..

  • Do you know where you are moving to yet? Im sure you wont be lonely!

    Ive not got children , however I have two stepchildren who both live with us - one has gone to uni now. Always thought i would have them but im not bothered now, my partners two have been such a handful that i dont think i could cope with a little one and my partners not keen on having more. Im not fussed either way. Chris Edwards is very good and i have spoken to him in the past about pregnancy care, which ive heard good things about. Snows just about left chirstchurch now but the new forest looks beautiful :)Drop me a line when you move and we can see about meeting up! x

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