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Although I've been diagnoses for 10 years as I am getting older 55 symptoms like joint pain headaches dizzines etc etc are more troublesome and debillatating and a lot of symptoms which I didn't realise were part of lupus sticky blood raynouds . At least I know I am not imaging things and would like to thank everyone who takes part happy new year to all of you keep well x

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  • You sound very much like me, I was diagnosed about 5 years ago now, I too am mid 50's and my symptoms became for debilitating so much so that I had to take ill health retirement from work. Must say I am feeling somewhat better, bit more energy etc since stopping work.

  • Thanks for your reply sometimes its hard to decide if things are lupus or menepause but I guess it doesn't matter what the label is . I gave up work a while ago and at least don't have to worry so much about deadlines anymore keep well and enjoy yor retirement

  • Freyas I am with you on the whole lupus/menopause thing. I'm 50 in two months time too and have at times thought is this just a terrible menopause. I know it isn't now though. I stopped work last year as agency worker so can do this and haven't returned yet. I would like to return but need a few months period of being well first. Though after reading your posts here I am wondering whether to give up on the whole work thing for good and just concentrate on health....Mmmm have to ponder this one xx

  • If you can manage financially mabe even part time working would be a good compromise . Your health is the most importanr thing and avoiding stress as much as possible for me is the answer

  • I think you are right.....hopefully the answer will become clearer to me in the next few months x

  • Dear Freyas, my little spring chicken!!

    You're right it's a marvellous site, click on feedback and tell them so. It is so good to have a diagnosis and know that it's not all in your mind. I've been diagnosed this year and with what I have learnt from the lovely folk on this site, I reckon I've had the big L for at least nine years or longer, at my age 67, (definitely no spring chicken) things seem to be deteriorating quite quickly. One thing I can only emphasise, you have many years ahead of you, listen to your body and if it says you're tired then nap or sleep no matter how guilty you feel about doing it. I do so sincerely hope that you have a good new year and that you keep well.


  • What a lovely reply I am my own biggest enemy where guilt is concerned but I do try to rest whe. I can hopefully with the right meds you will start to feel better I've learned that this disease is very unpredi table and even if your not good now you may well feel differntly soon try not to get too down I fi nd when that happens ifeel bad physically often its hard to know what happens first anyway chin up and all the best fo2013 x

  • I too have had Lupus for ten years and one I have learned is 'go with the flow' my husbands advice right from the start.

    My GP who said, stop trying to put a brave face on to friends and family , tell them the truth. Educate them about Lupus most will join you in the fight and help you out emotionaly those that can' t understand are no loss.

    I have learned to say, today is crap so rest. Enjoy the days you feel good.

    I hope you have good 2013

  • Great advice to us all! Thanks

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