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Do I need to be worried?

Hey everyone- hope you all had a good Xmas and are looking forward to New Years :-)

I have been diagnosed with lupus since may this year- also have pernicious anaemia and

Carry the ro antibodies. Have found out today that I am pregnant.... I have very happy just worried. - has anyone experienced this before as I don't know what to expect.

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First of all congratulations on u're pregnancy :0) Although I don't have pernicious anaemia' I DO have the RO & have had 2 successful births. Ok they were both prem babies & the 2nd stopped growing at 30 weeks but both very healthy babies (now children!) who have never displayed any signs of any autoimmune problems whatsoever. Neither child has been tested & will not b unless they start displaying symptoms but they r extremely healthy kidlets (unlike their mother lol). I was monitored VERY closely (scans every other week & appointments every week) so I imagine they will probably do the same, although my youngest is 8, so it WAS a few years ago. All the best of luck 2 u & remember, just because they say something CAN happen, it doesn't mean it will ;0)


Thank you for your reply :-) from

What gesetation did your scans start? I have got a child already (5 years old) but this

Was prior to getting diagnosed.


I have APS too so I had my first scan as soon as I found out (at 4 weeks) & had 2 switch 2 clexane so that probably had a bearing on things as well as the lupus, but I definitely think u need 2 tell u're GP ASAP if u haven't yet as cos of complications lupus CAN cause, u should really b referred 2 an Early Pregnancy Unit (EPU) but like I said, my last pregnancy was 9 years ago so things may have changed now. think I had 4 or 5 scans in the first trimester, something like that. I was told I'd never have kids (not just 2 the lupus in itself but also due 2 surgery I'd had BECAUSE of the lupus) & I was even told not 2 get attached 2 the baby as it was almost certain I wouldn't go on 2 give birth so don't listen 2 everything u hear about lupoids & pregnancy, be aware, but don't panic as my 2 pregnancies AND births were so smooth apart from a few minor hiccups that could happen whether u have lupus or not ;0)


Hi I'm a lot older than you and thinigs must have changed now. I have lupus and during my three pregnancies I had no problems in the first 3 months, but developed high blood pressure soon after that, my son was born early only 2 weeks early and will be 40 tomorrow. I lost my second daughter at 8 months, placental insufficiency, my third daughter was discovered to have a heart block at 14 weeks and I was advised to terminate, I didn't thankfully, she is now 34 with a son of 15 and both are healthy. My daughter went through most of her life with no pacemaker until just before she gave birth with the aid of a temporary one. I was later discovered to have APS, but not until my daughter was 10 years old. Sorry to take up so much space, but don't listen to the scare stories, you know your body better than anyone else, and I thank god for my decisions and my children and grandson


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