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Getting bitten by mosquitoes! Do I need to be concerned?


So I've just come back from a lovely 10 day holiday in Barcelona and then Majorca, and it was so lovely and relaxing after my exams. Luckily it appears that I haven't got any photosensitivity but I have been bitten all over my right calf by the local bugs despite using DEET! I'm usually very bug repellent and I imagine the hydroxy helps, but still managed to get bit 4 times.

(Apparently it's been a really bad year for them according to the locals I chatted to out there.)

They seemed to be healing fine, but since I've come back to the UK and have started taking my Nifedipine again for my Raynauds and all four bites are now very red and mean looking, but not sore. Maybe it's the blood flow, I dunno.

The things we do for a break, eh?

Anyone got any tips or anything I've got to watch out for?

Amy :)

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I never get bitten, I always assumed my terrible blood being a bit anemic, lupus and on medication put them off. I thought that would be one advantage of having all these things! So sorry to hear they still bit you anyway.

Put the normal bug bite/ anti septic stuff on them, hopefully go away soon, if they get bigger or swell or get very itchy it'll be best to see a doctor. Go straight to the doctor if they start looking like bruises or you feel pain raidating from them with flu like symptoms.

Any minor concerns like redness or a little itchy I'm sure the pharmacist can help :) X

If you use hydrocortisone cream on the bites it helps with the inflammation. Apparently they like Lupus and certain blood types. Go to the docs if they get worse.


Hi Amy,

We published a blog article on 'preventing and treating insect bites' which you may find helpful

Hi, from feb to Oct. I take vit. B1 with thiamin. Take 1 a day and I have not been bitten for over 3 years. I used to get really bad bites. If you ask in H & B they will help


Thank you so much for the advice!

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