Another glass of wine??

Today was neither good nor bad, lights finally on the outside Christmas tree ready to light. Unfortunately half way through the task I had a sugar dip, you may know the feeling, all the strength and life from your body leaks out through your feet!! The only means I have found of coping with this is lots of sugar and a sit down, otherwise it becomes a fall down in a faint. A few more small bit of housework done ready for the festive season, as I will be working all through most of this kind of stuff has to be done in advance.

Hands still working, but feet have had enough tonight. Dogs all asleep and two of the mastiffs snoring so all is well with the world.

So....... another glass of wine, you bet ya!

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  • and I think it's well earned too! Enjoy :0) x

  • Good decision re the wine, cheers to you:) xx

  • I agree, have a glass for me too! :D and I know that feeling well, I call it the energy zap! Just comes over all of a sudden and I have to sit down before I fall down! So glad you got those lights up, next step to switch them on :-) xxx

  • Me too i have been diabectic for 5 weeks and I refuse to give up my nightly glass of pink wine Jacob creek will lose money as I have had a nightly tipple for twenty five years. By the way had glass Or five when they told me I had lupus, I sneer at people who say 'what about all the tablets your on' B);)!),d leave me alone!

    Luppychick enjoying my Jacobs creek!

  • Luppychick,

    Like me you may find all the 'good intentions' of the government about alcohol so purile, I couldn't agree more and shout at the Television (there's no one else to shout at apart from the dogs) for goodness sake shut up!! We've enough to cope with apart from anything else so I personally,me having taken the critical decision, will have another class. Love Jacobs Creek too!

  • Mine's a vodka & tonic with plenty of ice.


  • Melinda,

    Vodka and tonic with plenty of ice, try this, a naval special. Called a Kath's special,Start with a half pint glass, fill it with ice, then add two measures of Campari, one measure of vodka, bacardi and gin, fill the glass with tonic and enjoy!! In my youth managed to drink one Captain and four petty officers under the table with this one, literally!! Just try one for Christmas and see how you go, but slowly does it!


  • A day which is niether good not bad, might be termed 'normal'.

    There have been many times when I would have welcomed a boring life.

  • TIhaddeus, what a fantastic name, love it!! Neither a good nor bad day being 'normal' sounds about right, but sorry can't accept the welcome of a boring life. I only have a mild LSE and feel so guilty that some folks, maybe such as yourself have a far more serious condition than me and I wish, so very much that I could help. Well into my sixties I develop LSE and at this moment, with the bravery of a glass of wine or two (?) instead of being manically tearful I am determined to live my life to the best of my ability and I do so hope I will never live a boring life!! Though I must admit to being very boring when in a flare as all I can think of is pain!

    Thank you Thaddeus for bringing me back to reality, a boring life during a flare would be good, but I have short term memory loss!

    Bless you and thanks for the post. Try and have a good Christmas and I will think of you having a normal day

    Love K

  • Sounds fab....have a couple a wines for me;(( when i drink i really cant move the next day ,so slowly im learning ,it sooooo boring though ,keep ypur sugars up ,brave;)

  • Dear brave,

    There are times when only alcohol will do the trick, I will have more than a couple tonight as today has been one long day of three very unsatisfactory medical appointment so am on my third glass now. It;s either that or feeling very sorry for myself and that I refuse to do. Insofar as keeping the sugas up, there is some in the wine isn't there?!! Keep practising on the levels so you can move the next day sweetheart.

    Love Kath

  • lol!!!! my liver doesnt cope ,the min i put any more toxins in, my lymph glands come up i feel utterly poisoned ;( but i do enjoy a nice glass of organic red wine with a meal ,i seem to be able to tolerate that better ,enjoy your wine ,chinup regards medical appointments,x

  • I am like you brave and just can't seem to tolerate alcohol anymore. It makes my muscles spasm and also gives me a hangover from hell the next day even from one drink. I aleo wake up aching more than normal as my muscles have spasmed all through the night :-( xxx

  • not fair is it,megs tom?my freinds love to sit and natter away drinking wine ,i would give an arm and a leg to do this,;( i used to be able to,but now i sometimes will sip away at a tiny glass a red and still suffer terrible consequences,my weekend pleasure is a glass of sherry lol;)or a brandy ,i time it to have toward bedtime in the hope it helps me sleep ?oh how life has changed .Wouldnt it be fantastic to live a painfree life and a very simple life to go with it ,my biggest xmas wish ever ,thank goodness we have children hey?we can focus on them over xmas ,take our mind off things ,merry xmas to you ,brave ;)

  • Totally not fair, doesn't help being at uni where all my friends enjoy going out drinking! But like you say, kids make up for it and give us a focus!! My partner isn't much of a drinker so that helps too! Gone are the days where I would get a little merry on christmas day and spend boxing day and new year very tipsy! But guess there will be no hangover, though no relief from pain unfortunately! Merry christmas to you too and I hope your body is kind to you over the festive period! Xxx

  • Get some alcohol free mulled wine & PRETEND 2 b drunk girls ;0) Actually, Holland & Barrett do a really nice Rum & Raisin 1 x

  • lol....some days i look and talk like im drunk ,when not a drop has touched my know when all your words come out back to front ???thanks for info on mulled wine ,i will treat myself to a tipple or two over xmas ,merry xmas x

  • Bit like me lol! It IS tasty but very sweet but it certainly does the trick 4 a sugar hit ;0) x

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