iam having big problems with my lupus i cant get in the xmas mood i have 3 late teens who are trying there best the bank are taking the pixxxxx the lupus is high i just cant cope with it all i lost my bank card so i phoned to block it i went into the bank to get money out tobe told that i can only make 2 withdrawls over the counter in 1 year thats nationwide for you now i cant get no money out

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  • Threaten to leave them. Try taking deep breathes you will make yourself worse. Hope you sort things out. Happy xmas. X

  • If it is any consolation when I lost mine with Nationwide the new card arrived in about two days, even though they said it would take a week. However, it is holiday time now which is a real pain because so many things close down for so long and stuff like this may get delayed. If it is a savings account rather than a Current one then things are different and withdrawals are limited and I feel so sorry for you. I did not have any trouble withdrawing when I lost my current account card as long as I went in personally. If it is a current account?? I wonder if perhaps they have misunderstood you, or it was someone new on the counter as I have made more than two withdrawals over the counter this year. It is just so miserable when this happens, not to mention all the other problems so not surprised you cannot get in the mood. Don't suppose you have a local Credit Union that will allow you a fast and cheap advance to cover the time until you get your new card ?Think we all hope that 2013 will be much better for all of us and I feel for you and wish you luck with it. Loads of Christmas cheer is being sent your way despite all the problems. Hugs.

  • Scotty I can't send cash - but I am sending a huge HUG. The only thing I can say is that when you're this down - the only way is up!

  • wishing everyone a very happy xmas and all the best for the new year to each and everyone xxxxxx

  • So sorry. Lupus seems to get worse just when we need to be our best. Some years when I couldn't shop I gave out IOU's--I wrapped notes like presents. The notes would say things like this: IOU $30 (I live in the U.S.) for a pair of boots. The recipients were instructed to put their IOU's away till after Christmas when they could collect on them. I even sent them shopping for their own gifts!

    Try not to stress about what you can't do. Sounds to me like you are surrounded by love. That's the best gift of all. Hope vicious lupus gives you a break and the stupid bank comes to its senses.

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