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help required please for employment discrimination and personal injury lawyer?

My daughter has been off sick due to a lupus flare up and and RSI injury after being made to work constantly on a till at her employer. At the end of November they sacked her for being off sick, this was a result of the stress due to lack of understading or awareness and the withdrawal of work place adjustments. Please can anyone recommend an employment disability and or Personal Injury lawyer/solicitor who could work on a no win/no fee basis?

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You could try Community Legal Advice. They are a government funded legal advice service set up to help people find the right legal information and to help with problems including work issues.

0845 345 4345

Monday to Friday 9am until 8pm

Saturday 9am until 12.30pm


Thanks, ideally I would like to work with someone who has Lupus experience and recommendation as this is so important in selecting providers.


Topher I have no advice about a lawyer, but am outraged about 'the withdrawal of workplace adjustments' - HOW DARE THEY?!



thanks, I don't think they saw them as work place adjustments, this common when new managerial staff come and go for big retailers. Retail are not often known for treating there staff well and this one has a whole catalogue of errors in dealing with my daughter.


Many employers are found against at tribunal for "failing to make reasonable adjustments.

I cannot recommend anyone personally but just typing in your browser "employment law solicitors in (whatever area you live)" should bring up quite a lot and you can check which of those firms offer no win no fee work. Please ensure you also check what their eventual fee will be as they can vary. A solicitor I know says that it can be a minefield and that there are no guarantees with tribunals, he has walked in convinced of winning and lost, and been convinced of losing and won. However, the thought of a tribunal scares some firms (I have been through this) and initially ACAS may intervene and offer both parties to try and settle outside of the case before it gets to tribunal. On the other hand your daughters employers will be advised as to what chance they have of winning by their own solicitors..I wish you every success, someone still trying to work through the adversity that some of us go through deserves to win in cases like this!


I have spoken to the local Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB), a solicitor advocate friend and another who has detailed experience of the tribunals. As you say this can be a minefield. Many of the no win/no fee work in personal injury and are ok with this, I am told its a completely different story with employment matters, hence my request. I am hoping that there is someone knowledgeable here who understands Lupus.


How about trying this. Many law firms do pro-bono (free) work under certain circumstances.

eg for those who would otherwise not be able to secure access to justice.

see excerpt below.

"A few snapshots from the incredibly broad spectrum of pro bono activity over the last 12 months include: the Free Representation Unit, a charity which helps people who cannot afford representation at employment and social security tribunals, fielded 532 volunteers to act for over 1,000 clients which they reckon is the equivalent of 24,500 hours of pro bono help; LawWorks, the pro bono clearing house, placed around half of 532 applications for legal help from community groups and a further 92 individual cases; and the City firm, Hogan Lovells claims to have dedicated some 104,047 total pro bono hours. For a more comprehensive overview of the state of pro bono, then check out the Pro Bono Yearbook of England and Wales.

The Free Representation Unit website is, worth a go. Good luck.


i say take them on, if its no win no fee, but find out what the fee would be, a set fee or a percentage of the win fee. i had hassle from my mgrs but i was ready to fight them all the way


Hi, I have just settled agains a health board which included Lupus. My solicitor is based in Bournmouth but I live in N.Wales. They do no win no fee and are able to get legal aid. The lady that dealt with my case might not do work law but somebody in the firm might as its a large firm. Her name is Rebbecca Watkins and you can contact her on 01202 315005. The firm is Dutton Gregory Solicitors. I can't speak highly enough of Rebecca she has always kept in touch and has made the time to explain things to me. I hope you get the help you need. Good luck and best wishes. Helen


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