Help your doctors

Help your doctors

For you that are not on facebook or you might have missed it.

Lupus are trying to help Doctors learn more about Lupus.

and are looking for your help.

I have had Lupus for the past 21years but believe a lot longer,I am a Contact with the South Wales Lupus group,and a member of lupus uk. for the past 20 yrs,with out these people i don't know where i would be, you are so lucky now to have these sites so please take full advantage.

My Doctor know all he know though me sharing the new and views and other leaflets that have been given to me i alway take an extra for my doc.

If you can Join Lupus uk and you artomaticly(spelling) join your local area

and thats your chance to get to know people in your area or even help out at anything they do(Like coffee mornings,Meeting ect)

You take care and and pace your self.

Love & Sunshine


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To get my GP surgery to entertain even looking into I might forward about Lupus has to go through the surgery matriarch[not sure if I have spelt that right.When I was diagnosed with high colestorol,I was told to go and buy a book.I have just been prescribed a higher dose of statin[patient leaflet reads,can cause Lupus like side effects.I HAVE LUPUS,my GP knows this I have flu at the moment and have not built up the courageto question my GP about the pills she has given me as on previous occasions when I have questioned them I was actually told to go and find another GP.I emphasise I was not rude.What is happening in this world?


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