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Still No Joy

Hi Everyone, Well still no word from physio for my back, apparently there is a long waiting list, and until I have seen them I have no future app with my rhuemy, so all in all just feel left to my own devices. Did go to see my doctor last month as my right hand is closing up all the time, he gave me some pills to relax the muscles, But other than you guys on this site I have no help with regards my Lupus, Sooooooo glad your here. Sleeping is getting worse as I am also now going through the menopause and even with sleeping tablets for my chronic pain I am waking every couple of hours sweating buckets, then cold. The doctor offered me HRT but have you seen the side effects they can have ??? Pretty scary stuff, so not sure what to do about that on top of everything else. Any way just so glad that I have you guys and gals here, when I read some of the blogs I realise that my problems are pretty minor. So thanks everyone. Trish x

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Poor you.Your symptoms sound so familiar as does the waiting around for some sort of resolvement for the problems.It is very frustrating but,i personally try to keep myself busy.I know it is not easy when you feel so awful but,if you can sidetrack yourself it will help a bit.Hope you feel better soon.


I don,t know if this will help or not From time to time i have very bad back pain

and i find that Physo no help, but my doctor put me on Buprenorphine Pain Patch. I was on 10micrograms per hr but i am now on 5 micrograms,

But please be aware that you do have or at least i did have withdrawals symtoms that lasted just over a week and there is no way i will ever be a drug addict(going cold turkey is not for me Ha Ha)

At least talk this over with you GP.

Hope all will soon be well


Maybe try getting a little extra magnesium in your diet (safer than supplements). I've found this helps to relax the muscles as well as aiding sleep and perhaps an occasional massage too.


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