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I'm still alive

I'm still alive

So top that everybody that still following me on here I was just sitting here in the hospital I got really sick I couldn't do anything ended up with a double kidney infection and tendonitis on top of Lupus my doctor to know how it would affect somebody with lupus because he's never seen it before admitted me in the hospital try to get rid of the double kidney infection and went home ended up having to come back 3 days ago I am still and passing a lot of blood so they kept me for like 5 days I feel like I was in prison get a bunch of more antibiotics on me for staph infection every kind of infection you can get and your kidneys I had a staph infection in my kidneys before and I still feel like everybody around me is waiting for me to jump up the next day and say everything's okay I feel great I'm home now because I lied to the doctor and told him that I'm not passing blood anymore cuz I don't want to live in a hospital so I'm home with my baby and even though I feel horribly sick I'm happy for that. The sickness is just causing so much turmoil in my relationship and I'm supposed to be getting married this September but my fiancé he really has to understand that this isn't going to change there's no cure for this it's not going to get better the only ending of this road is me dying

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Oh my darling girl! I am so sorry that you are feeling so poorly. I completely get your reason for returning home to your baby, but oh, to tell fibs about your health. You are feeling so poorly, I dont think your decision making is at its best. Hard though it is to be imprisoned in the souless wards, surely to be home completely over your infections is better? Can you attend to Juliet's needs as you are? Would it not be better to feel a bit better? A relative term I know, but please, if you do not sort out your problem things can only get worse surely?

I am sorry to hear that your partner seems to be less than 100% behind you. That is so tough. Have you shown him the relatives and friends leaflets Lupus uk have for him? That is such an extra weight.

Please reconsider your position. Have you considered going to A&E? Say you have started peeing blood again and feel so ill. Maybe a blue light arrival will kick in other minds who may pick up on something your other docs have missed? They seem complacent but infection for us is such a biggy and a double infection so aweful

Please consider Juliet. What do you think she would say, if she were 18? Would she rather miss you in the short term to have you better in the long?

Sorry to sound like a nag but I am concerned for you, and your precious daughter.

Please feel better soon.

You have to take care of yourself.

Please let us know how you are and what you decide.






I didn't let him know that I was still passing blood because they would have never let me leave I was already there for 5 days and I just wanted to go home they also told me that there's nothing more they could do with infection didn't go away with what they gave me they continued me on sipro until I came down with tendonitis and they gave me Percocet for the tendonitis and it's been 3 days I'm off of that now back on regular Tramadol and I'm just in a lot of pain and I know what the Bloods from its from a stone that they're not saying I passed them all the time I know I can pass it from home so they couldn't do anything more for me anyways I heard they wouldn't let me leave the follow up with the urologist and my regular doctor I have to see my doctor twice a week so I'm not completely off it's like I'm on probation LOL and I never did nothing wrong isn't that crazy I can help with my daughter and I am her main caretaker when I am home I'm the one that gets her up in the morning get your change give her her bottles give her her bath so I do everything so when I'm not home I feel like these things are being done properly I know I sound like a mom I am a mom I just don't feel like anybody doesn't the same as me and I feel like she's not being cared for the way I care for her the way that she's used to being cared for and she was so sad without me around everyone told me she was walking around the house going Mama Mama and it just made me feel really bad and as sick as I am I know they can't do anything else for now but I'm still seeing him twice a week he's keeping short short leash on me

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They have this stuff in the natural health food department called Colidial silver, it's a natural antibiotic, it is safe for humans and we do not build up an immunity to it, it's the only thing that takes my kids ear infections away, Because he has been on so many antibiotics before , hope this helps


Hi Beckys,

Colloidal silver is considered likely to be unsafe when taken by mouth, applied to the skin, or injected intravenously (by IV). The silver in colloidal silver products gets deposited in vital organs such as the skin, liver, spleen, kidney, muscle, and brain. This can lead to an irreversible bluish skin discoloration that first appears in the gums. It can also stimulate melanin production in skin, and areas exposed to the sun will become increasingly discolored.

It can also interact with antibiotic treatments and levothyroxine.

We would encourage everybody to discuss any alternative treatments with their doctor before starting them. It is important to remember that many of these treatments can interact with other medications or cause other adverse effects.

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Im sorry you are going through that did they suggest a kidney transplant. And what is the root to this situation i pray it all works out for you thanks for sharing

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They never talked about removing any of my kidneys are doing a kidney transplant I am going home on antibiotics which they had to take away so I was not at home for 2 days with antibiotics but the ones that when I was admitted they were the ones only and there were several different types I think one of them work but several will give you tendonitis on top of lupus and for me anyways I can hardly walk my feet are all curled up my hands it's just the worst pain ever having tendonitis with lupus but thankfully it's not that bad where they wanted to take one of my kidneys me and my kidneys were functioning well they just passing lot of blood now in the tenderness goes away I'll just feel regular lupus pains again


My urologist was afraid to do any work on my kidneys he pretty much fired me as a patient when he found out I have lupus because he's so afraid to do surgeries he thinks that it will end up making me have a kidney transplant. I have a massive amount of kidney stones and he used to do surgery every 4 to 6 months so now he doesn't do the surgeries and then your kidneys get infected from you have in the stone and then nobody would have moved it for you so it just gets worse and worse I found a new urologist that I thought was new but actually he was My first surgeon that I had my first three surgeries by.


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