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Red and painful eyes

Hi All,

I hope you are all doing well and if not you are bearing up ok

Do any of you suffer with red and painful eyes? The pain can come in waves and feel extremely bad (it feels like the actual eye ball) I have had it off and on for a couple of years now and have finally plucked up the courage to go to the GP !!! I am seriously rubbish in seeking help as I am so fed up being dismissed !!!! I would be very interested to know if anybody knows what the cause is likely to be

Take care . Tich

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I am sorry Tich, I do not know the reason, but I would certainly be interested in what your GP has to say about it. My eyes are my measure of when to take a break. I have had orbital pain for over a year now, sometimes stabbing pain which turns into headache. It hurts to touch skin around it, like to touch a bruise. It is one of those things that when I bring up with doctor, he continues on like I have said nothing, grrrrrrr!


could b 2 do with pills or maybe u have another condition too such as Sjogrens?


I too have a lot of probs with the eyes. After consulting the eye specialist he advised me to use lubricating drops every hour and wear dark glasses. Much better now. It is caused by dry eyes, a condition called Sjogrens which is also causing me probs with a dry mouth and itchy dry nose.

But that is me, although it might be worth your while checking it out.

Keep pestering the docs, after all, we are the ones paying their wages.

Take care x


I'd be interested to see what the doc has to say - I've had the same thing for about 5 weeks now. Saw the GP last week and he said that lupus can cause all kinds of complications with the eyes. Has prescribed antibiotic eye drops to use for a week, to rule out any infection, and if they don't get any better then said he will refer me to an opthalmologist (they haven't got better after 5 days with the drops!)...


I have this too. My bloods aren't positive for Sjogrens but rheumy basically says it's what I suffer from. I eventually found eye drops that help a bit.

Good luck with it.


Hi all.

I went to my GP and yes you are all right he reckons it could be sjogrens. I came away armed with yet more meds. The gel tears are wonderful and the night time ointment although annoying has helped tremendously. However he didn't give a clear reason as to why the pain can get so bad around the eye and to be honest what feels like the eyeball itself??? He also offered false saliva but grimaced and said its not nice and to try and keep my mouth lubricated with chewing gum etc.

So guys get yourselves to the doc even when your confidence is low!!! Take care and thank you for responding.

Stay safe and well. X


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