fibromyalgia and lupus

hi ive been reading alot on the site. i was diagnosed with lupus 31 years ago and was wondering what fibromyalgia is and what are the symptoms? This word seems to come up alot in the questions and blogs. When i was diagnosed all those years ago it was SLE and that was it, no other condition was diagnosed alongside SLE/Lupus. Could anyone explain to me please thanx x

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  • This is an explanation of fibromyalgia: I cannot distinguish it's symptoms from SLE but gather those whose bloodwork returns a negative result for the LE Cell Test are usually alternatively diagnosed with fibromyalgia. It should be noted, however, that a negative LE Cell Test does not always mean you haven't developed lupus. I hope that helps.

  • Thanx Tigerlily4 have had a quick look at link and saved it will have a good look thru later. x

  • I was diagnosed with Fibro first then Lupus. I still get lots of pain and stiffness. When I asked the consultant she said its hard to distinguish between the two as have similar symptoms. I am convinced I still have the Fibro as some days I am so stiff and awkward. I think keep on raising it with GP etc is the only way to try and get answers and raise awareness. Good luck

  • I was diagnosed with SLE years ago and fibromyalgia is just part of a long list of my symptoms. Have a look at the Fibromyalgia Magazine. See:

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