I cant remember pain like today in a long time,,i get too start on all the tablets or whatever im getting this friday and i cant sodding well wait,,coping on what i got is crap!Roll on friday.I only have tabs for dle and nowt for fibro or the connective tissue disease,,its bin hard but hey better days soon i hope!There,,i fell better mentally now,,your spouses dont always wanna hear moaning and groaning,,will never really understand,,how can they?x

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  • Sorry you have that pain, I undesrstand that and I wish there was something I could do to help. As for family understanding, it is hard for them as they most probably dont want to see you suffering and unfortunately they all handle it in diferent ways. Stay strong Dawn, I can see by your posts that you are naturally a strong person, look forward to are in my thoughts.

  • Peter,,thankyooooooooooooooo,you are an inspiration and give strength too all of us here,,i will not be defeated never!!lol,,i am strong ave always had too be!Thanks Brother!!x

  • Hi Dawn,

    You're right about family not understanding as I never understood my sisters pain until it was too late.

    Please do talk to your family and friends, whether they like it or not they need to know how you feel. I wish so much that my sister had sat me down and told me exactly how she felt before the depression crept up on her.

    Don't suffer in silence, do as moaning and groaning as you like!x

  • Hey,,thank you so much,,i sometimes think omg im alway moaning,,shut up but hey just getting out of the chair too get to the kitchen some days hurts like hell,,im hoping they will too try to learn more on th illness,,as we say we dont always look ill!!!! Your sister??too late?Sorry i havent made time too read all blogs today,,,and thank you so much.x

  • Hi Dawn, sorry to hear of your pain, its hard to deal with, I know. Youre not always moaning & even if you were, that's ok cos we all understand how youre feeling, I'm lying in bed writing this, I've had two busy days (cardiac rehab on Monday & hospital yesterday) & am in pain & shattered, here for you Dawn x

  • Trace..thank you so much.i hope you are resting and fell alittle better??My husband just rang,,he is at work too say i was moaning and groaning alot in my sleep and was i in pain,,lol,bless him!!I am just waiting for Friday to get on whatever tablets im too start,,these hydroxy have only helped my skin,,they do nothing for the pain of frbro,,i wonder if its the same for others!!Well,you try to have a good day as you can,im resting all day as i want to go out tonight for two hours to see an aucoustic band at a local drinking house!!ha ha.xx

  • Good luck for Friday! I always struggle more at this time of year with pain, it's the damp and cold that makes you feel worse than ever! I can remember thinking stop moaning when Nan and Grandad used to moan about the weather and how they suffered, but I take it all back now, and I'm only 41! Lol I don't think families totally understand how we feel because we're not continuously ill which is hard to grasp I suppose. I hope you feel better soon and keep your chin up hunny. xx

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