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Infertility and lupus

I am 32 years old, I have Lupus and I recently move to London with my husband.

We also recently discover that my husband has fertility issues (bad sperm quality) and we'll have to use in vitro assistance to get pregnant. I was just wondering if someone else is dealing with something similar or knows where can I find more information on this topic. Thanks.

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Have you been to the Lupus Unit in St Thomas's? they have a baby cliinic and a fertility specialist is based there on certain days. I spoke to Prof D'Cruz about fertility issues and he said when the time comes the unit will oversee a pregnancy. If you havent been there, you can get a referral from your GP. I waited 5 years until I went there and it is honestly the best thing I have ever done, wish I did it sooner.



I had the same problem, at 19 I was told no way, no how would I ever conceive but was also told IVF wasn't an option 4 me as my ovaries had shut down & my fallopian tubes were bilaterally blocked with scar tissue from all the surgery I had 2 endure because of the lupus. My ex husband had a low sperm count with abnormal shaped heads (?) & they were swimming in the wrong direction so u COULD say we were a pretty crap combination. I even used 2 lie on the bed with my legs in the air after sex, that's how obsessed I got lol! Eventually, I resigned myself 2 the fact it would never happen, but oddly enough, a few years later I got pregnant NATURALLY. I went on to give birth naturally 2 a gorgeous little boy. The Docs couldn't believe it & said it was a miracle as after the birth I was giving fertility tests, scans, ultrasounds etc which showed that nothing had changed (apart from the fact I was now ovulating but not regularly) so how I'd produced an egg, let alone how a sperm had got through all my scar tissue was crazy.

My marriage ended, I got with a new partner and despite the fact I was on the pill 2 try & regulate my cycle I ended up pregnant again, going on to give birth 2 a little girl. I would never push my luck a third time (I have had a few unplanned pregnancies that have resulted in miscarriages though) but I just basically wanted u 2 know that sometimes the specialists aren't always correct and there is always hope. Good luck 2 u both x

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Thank you so much Didds, I have read about the clinic but didn't know about the fertility specialist. Now I'll definitely try to get a referral, great tip :)

Thanks for sharing your story Sher! Hope you are enjoying your kids.


u're welcome my lovely. Just remember, nothing is ever "Text Book" ;0)


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