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Benefits have stopped

Just been declined for the support group I have been told that I am fit for work even though I can't walk or get out of bed on days I can't prepare a meal etc etc. so my next move is to appeal the decision just worried now if this will affect my DLA that I get but if I was an alcoholic or drug user I would get everything and yes this is true because I know someone personally but because I have SLE, Raymautds and other serious illnesses which I didn't ask for then I have to work I'm seriously thinking if becoming an alcoholic because the DWP can and will drive people to this

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Hi ebril, It shouldn't effect your DLA in theory, but it does depend on how long you've been getting DLA as they write to your GP or consultant as to how they think your getting on.

I have just been awarded my DLA without them asking for more info from my GP, this is the first time in 8 years,

Can you get your doctor to wirte a letter which will help in the appeal? I do hope it all works out for you as stress makes your SLE worse take care for know ,


Check to see if your local council social service dept have a welfare rights officer who would advise you (and help your ESA appeal by acting as a representative)

Try not to also worry about the DLA for now, as it will take energy just going through ESA appeal and medical "evidence" you get for your ESA appeal will probably help you next time DLA is assessed

Re your appeal these linka are usefull re getting "benefits and work" info



Also this blog has usefull link to check whether you could score enough points to go into the support group


Try to get your ESA appeal to "match up" your symptoms to how they "score you". I did not match the support group descriptors as such but won my appeal based on the Exceptional Circumstances Rule (ESA Regulation 35), - To get this rule applied means you need to get medical evidence to support a statement that there would be a substantial risk to your physical or mental health if you were found to be fit for WRAG, (and therefore you should be in support group)

Try to get supportive medical evidence from all your Drs which will all count as "evidence"- it is helpful as long as it is specific, and not just a general confirmation that you have Lupus.

Also if you are a member of the charity Lupus UK e-mail them with basic details and ask them to do a letter to help your appeal.

Good luck


Thank you so much will definately do this and look at all

The information that you have provided thank uou


Hi Ebril, you have already been given some great advice, but can I just add that should you feel you need some more or simply some extra support for your appeal I would suggest you get in touch with your local Citizens Advice Bureau.My husband has been a volunteer adviser with our local CAB for 2 years now, and he says the bulk of his work is related to problems such as yours.The staff will have lots of experience in helping you through the minefield that is the benefits system.Everyone's circumstances are different so it is best to speak to someone who can assess your situation on a personal basis.Some bureaux offer appointments, others are drop-in or telephone advice sessions, and all information you give is strictly confidential.Give them a ring to find out(Google for your local number)Good luck!


Hi Ebril

Like yourself i am waiting to go to tribunal as i was placed in the wrag group. I recieved a letter yesterday telling me it was being looked at.

I have been worried sick over this tribunal,but now i have a different worry as i have been told that i have a mass on my voice box also emphazema.i went yesterday to see if i could get a free bus pass as i have been going to hospital every other day.

The lady said do you get dla i said no esa she said then you do not qualify.

Like you i know people who get everything and they can work but they know how to fiddle the system,while us who are really ill gat worse trying to get what we really need.

I blame a lot of the stress on my health.

I think my mentor at the job centre felt sorry for me the last time i was there as he said to me sorry i did not make the decision and it is plain to me you are a very sick lady.

Please say a prayer for me as i will for you,all the best.

Hugs Lornadoon


loma dont get dragged into thinkin most people or even some people fiddle the system to get benifits ,its common practise these days to get votes or support because the jolly green giant (envy) is a powerful weapon against the needy ,because if you do get the benifits you will be one of those people who feel victomised by the media and genaral public , its easy to move the goal post's to save money but in the long run this will only cost more and all the buddies who benifit with these contracts to get people off will i feel be effected at some time in there lives Denn


hi just seen your post and have to say please try again for your bus pass as i dont get DLA but i applied for a buss pass took form to my drs for him to sign and i was awarded a pass much to my suprise dony know how she can tell you without you filling form in and getting dr to fill it in good luck x


Good luck everyone. I got DIAC (Disability Information Advice Service) 2 fill out my DLA etc which I found a huge help as they know what certain 'buzz words' the DLA r looking 4 which took the stress & pressure off me.


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