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Benefits! Help!


Hey all

Just wanted to see if anyone knows about any extra help I can get?

I had to reduce my hours at work in January to 27.5 a week. It turns out (and I feel really silly) that my employer has been overpaying me by paying my original salary (when I figured this out I owned up). Anyway, they now want to deduct £200 a month back off me for the next 6 months. My current salary is £11733 so I don't earn much anyway.

I live on my own, pay my own rent, council tax etc and I'm really really struggling :(

I'm 32 so don't feel I should have to move back in with my parents, but I just wanted to know if anyone knows of any help I can get? Surely if someone has an illness and struggles to work full time, but manages to work and wants to work, you would think there would be some help there? Any ideas would be gratefully received :)

I work 10 to 4 at the moment and am that worried that I think I might try and increase my hours to 10 to 5 although health wise this may be a struggle for me. Eek help?!?!

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Hi there, that's a tough one - work really are recollecting quite a high amount on that salary - firstly could you negotiate a lower amount to repay monthly - as it wasn't your fault they overpaid you and they should be willing to negotiate an affordable amount that won't put you in hardship. Secondly - have you looked into working tax credit - it isn't only for those with dependant children - I don't receive it myself but did look it up for a friend recently - try googling it and looking into your entitlement - if any.

All the best.

Hi Natalla, I am in the exact same position as yourself, working 27.5hrs per week as a cook, couldn't even think about more hrs. I get about £80 more than you, was getting DHP, but that stopped after 3months because I could find a suitable place to downsize and exchange to, so I now pay £6010 rent monthly, but I still get single person discount on council tax, apart from that, I too would like some help. Sorry I couldn't be of more help! :-(

misty14 in reply to addai

Hi Addai

I would recommend that you too go to your local Citizens Advice Bureau who would look at your circumstances and see if there are other benefits you could claim to help you. Good luckX

addai in reply to misty14

Thank you, I will try them. :-)

LupusAdmin3LUPUS UK

Hi natal1a,

We have just produced two very informative self help guides for people with lupus in work which i think you'll find useful especially if you're feeling that you may have difficulties continuing in your current role. One of the booklets entitled 'I want to work - A self help guide for people with lupus' includes advice on how to stay in work and information on what kind of support you are entitled to.

I have attached a link to our website below where a pdf of the booklets are available to download, alternatively if you would rather have a hard copy of this information i can happily send them out to you, just send me private message or an email with your address.

I hope this helps and if there is anything else i can do for you please do let me know.

Best wishes,



Hi Natal1

Sorry to read about your salary overpayment and struggles to pay bills etc. My advice would be to go to your local Citizens Advice Bureau who would look at your salary mix up with your employer and do a benefits check for you to see what other help you could be entitled to. Hope I've helped and good luckX

Hi natal, have a read up - knowledge is power - I hope you can persuade your employer to reduce the payments to a more comfortable level, £200 is quite an amount! Hope you can sort it.

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