All is Ok!

Well, thats me home from the Biopsy, everything went very well and i am glad to say all is not lost, i have to perfectly working kidneys, they are just a wee bit scratched up, so keep on trooping with my meds and it should be all good! I have to say a huge thank you to the doctors and Nursing Staff at Monklands Hospital in Airdrie, you truly are Angels and made sure i was comfortable and happy. =D xxx

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Good news that you biopsy was successful and you have been well looked after.

Do you mind me asking what symptoms you were suffering with which lead you to require kidney biopsy?

Am curious, as I have been suffering recurrent renal colic, kidney infections, blood in urine. They have investigated stones but none found and recently had cystoscopy of bladder and all was clear.

Yols :)


It all started when i was increasingly suffering from urine infections, everytime they gave me an antibiotic it was back within like a week! I was then reffered to a kidney specialist as they found i was leaking protein and blood. they did a biopsy back then too and found that i had infact leisions on my kidney and thats how it was leaking. this time round i its both that are affected. dont worry it will get sorted out, they will maybe do that for you and if they find out that it is they may put you on microfenalate (Cell-Cept). I would defo speak to your doctor about looking further into it. also, if you are currently finding that your feet and around your eyes in the morning are swelling up, then it it most defo kidney involvement xx

i hope this helps a wee bit =] xx


Hi Nikkski22

Good news glad you were well looked after :)


Great news, and so happy you were treated well. :-)


Thanks everyone =D xx


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