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??lupus arthirius

i finally sent back to see gp after finger x ray was normal but still having stiffness and pain. he could see it was swollen but because i am already on steroids did not want me to take anything else-already on anti-inf s. he was unsure if it was start of arthiritus or a soft tissue issue. now i am confused as someone posted about lupus arthirius. i had never heard of this and wonder if someone could educate me please-how is it tested for and are the sysmptoms the same as rheumotoid artheritis ? i have been a ? sle / connective tissue diagnosis for year s but on all sle meds inc steroids daily and plequnil

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This is from another Lupus website

Arthralgia is joint pain, arthritis is joint inflammation. Joint pain is the commonest symptom in SLE.

True swelling of the joints (arthritis) is only seen in about 40% of lupus sufferers, with the commonest joints involved being the fingers, wrists, knees, ankles, elbows, & shoulders. The spine & hips aren't usually involved in lupus, if hip pain does occur, it is more likely to be due to a condition called aseptic necrosis (death of tissue without infection).

Lupus arthritis doesn't affect the spine or neck. Lupus arthritis joint pain comes & goes, & there is often pain & stiffness in the morning. Arthritis in lupus doesn't cause destruction to the joint, as rheumatoid arthritis does. In people with lupus arthritis, x-rays are usually normal.

It is normally treated with NSAIDs, & antimalarials (Plaquenil). It is important to rest joints when inflamed & during flares.


Hi Custardpot, curious to know what the Lupus website detail/access is for the info that you have shared on here. thanks for posting the info. It could be helpful.


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