Are muscular aches in arme, hands poss related to Lupus?

Hello, i have been getting a lot of aches in my upper arms, and it has travelled into my right hand, making even holding a cup of tea painful, I have just returned from my GPs, and he doesnt think it is Lupus related as Lupus effects joints, not muscles. Could anyone please let me know if they have any thoughts on this, Thank you,

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Has he tested you for polymalgia ? took a long time for my mum to be diagnosed and it started in her arms and hands...although I get aches in the muscles in the top of my legs and they told me it was probably to do with the Lupus !

Hope it gets better for you x


Lupus can affect muscles and this is known as Myalgia, and also you can get muscle inflammation. 2 out of 3 people suffer at some point with muscle aches, the commonest being between the elbow and neck and between the knee and hip. A condition known as Fibromyalgia can also occur along side Lupus.Advise seeing your Rheumatologist


Thank you for your reply.i am going to see the rheumatologist soon.


yes muscle and joint pain affect me........warm baths help little .


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