Sunflowers and anti malaria properties

I've read recently by chance that the North Americans indians used to use sunflowers for medicinal purposes to protect against malaria . They also used the sunflower root for rhematism. Does anyone know of any research into this? Why we are given anti malaria drugs for Lupus ?

There is some info in the link below. Just thought it was interesting !

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  • Hi Jacks45,

    I can't answer your question but have to say that I love your website as it is so refreshing and creative and I shall try some of your recipes.

    On the topic of alternative therapies and diet, research is sadly lacking it seems. Most money is with the drug companies. Just another thought - you mentioned that you are getting migraines. Have you been tested for antiphospholipid syndrome? Some people call it sticky blood. I have it and had had migraines for years. I had to be on a small dose of aspirin initially and since then have had no headaches at all. It is important to find out because it can cause blood clots.

    Be well!


  • Hi Jude and Jacks,

    I have gone through the medical databases (to which I have access for my work) and not found any formal evidence for sunflowers with regards lupus (but that doesn't mean it won't help) - as you say Jude the money is mainly with the drug companies for research.

    However, I wanted to say there is actually some really solid, great research on diet/lifestyle and lupus - it took a while for me to dig it out but I have a stack (about a foot high) on my desk which I am wading through and writing my own review paper. Hopefully I will finish it (as a first draft) by the October Cambridgeshire lupus afternoon talk on 29th October.

    Jacks, I am interested in your raw food, vegan approach. I ask because I used to be vegan but have gone back to eating fish and taking very high dose fish oil since the evidence for the long chain omega 3 fats is very strong. As a vegan the short chain omega 3's are available from flaxseeds and walnuts but the body tends to find it almost impossible to bio-convert the short chain into the long chain fats. There are vegan EPA and DHA supplements available (EPA and DHA are long chain omega 3s) that are made from alage.....I didn't go down that route due to the expense of those supplements compared to those made from fish oil. The rest of my diet, however, is plant based and contains no dairy or meat etc.

    Oh and thanks for the recipes on your website. They are fantastic.

    Wishing you well

    Ani x

  • Thanks Ani,

    I will be really interested in reading that. I agree diet plays a big part in managing Lupus. I have become vegan and wheat free due to so many food intolerances (one of which is fish)and started the diet while on a detox. 3 months in and I feel so much better ! I will probably not go back to meat or dairy . Not been easy though. I would love some french bread and cheese! :) Eating lots of food supplements such as algae etc in my diet now so hopefully getting enough of the right foods. Wish they would do some research into this stuff ! Are you at the Cambridgeshire meeting on Saturday. Going to my first one .

    best wishes


  • oh, I didn't know there was a meeting this Saturday?! I haven't been to any yet, only just found out about the group.

    Ani :-)

  • Saturday 1st October 2011 – 11.00am Cambridge Lupus Link Sunflower Restaurant, Scotsdale’s Garden Centre, Great Shelford

    if you send me an email address I'll forward the autumn issue. My first time too.

  • Hello Ani

    I too would be really interested in your draft paper. Well done for taking the initiative and good luck with all the data gathering!!


  • That's really interesting ..thanks Jude for the tip. I am not sure if I have been tested for that but I have a hospital appointment in a couple of weeks and I will definitely ask !

    Thanks :)

  • Hi Ani- and Jacks,

    I am excited by the fact that you, Ani-, have come up with a stack of evidence about diet, lifestyle and lupus. Would love to hear more from you once you have sorted out all your papers for your open day presentation. I hope it goes well.

    Keep well both of you



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