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Anti-inflammatory book

I know each of us uses their own common sense when it comes to anti-inflammatory diet, some often research the internet or rely on this forum too for tips.

If you are interested in books on the subject, I have found one called "Meals That Heal Inflammation" by Julie Daniluck

I have other books too on anti-inflammatory food but this one I find it to be very helpful. It is written very clearly (you can skip the first part dealing with the impact of the inflammation on our bodies if you wish), has many recipes but for me the most useful part is that which identifies what foods could cause inflammation.

I haven't excluded all the things set out in the book but I have excluded most of them or reduced their use (i.e. I don't cook every day with it, maybe once a week, say).

I know we all strive to reduce what triggers flares, so I thought you'd find it useful too.

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Thank you, I have reserved a copy of this at the library. I have been wanting to look at diet for while


Thanks, I am certainly going to get a copy. Anything we can do to help ourselves is always good! Xxx


That looks like a great book. Let me guess, the six most inflammatory foods are red meat, sugar, wheat, dairy, hydrogenated oils, and ...anything processed number 6?

Alkaline foods: leafy greens and natural raw veggies? I've noticed that if I break my diet and eat acidic foods (inflammatory ones listed) then this builds up in my system and I flare. My Rheumatologist was impressed that since I started the diet I've come off daily painkillers and at my last appointment he said "Keep doing what you are doing! It's working!"


By the way, since I've been using a vegetarian cook book and relying less on meat for everyday meals I have noticed an improvement. I broke my diet over xmas and ate more red meat, sugar and dairy, now I'm paying the price with a flare!

Here's the cook book I've been using:


I'm ok with eating lean chicken and fish but gluten, dairy, corn and sugar seem to be my problem, so I'm on rice and its derivatives and lots of veg and fruit. And herbal teas galore. One or two small glasses of wine per week only, because that's basically sugar and I'm avoiding nightshade family, I.e potatoes, tomatoes and peppers. It is boring sometimes but it's better than being in pain.

Thank you for including the link for your book, I will have a look, everything helps.


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