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Advice needed for type1 diabetes and lupus


Hi, I’ve just been diagnosed with Lupus and have multiple autoimmune syndrome but am mostly concerned with treatment for lupus and any affects this may have on my type 1 diabetes as I am about to start on anti malaria and not able to find any advice on the subject. I also wanted to find out if anyone has had permanent joint pain with their lupus.

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Hi MAS4,

If you are concerned about the interaction of your medications or any potential adverse effects on your diabetes then perhaps you could go and speak to your local pharmacist? They could review your medication regimen and give you any advice to ensure you are minimising the risk of any interactions or adverse effects.

Has your doctor made any recommendations regarding the joint pain you are experiencing? Which joint(s) is/are worst affected? We have an article about pain management on our website which may be of interest to you -

MAS4 in reply to Paul_Howard

Thank you for your advice on speaking to the pharmacist I will follow up on this.

My joint pain is very long term and it has had consultants baffled - it affects fingers hands elbows and shoulders. I’ve had numerous surgical interventions but no better and anti inflammatory drugs and/or pain meds do little to relieve the discomfort. Thanks again for your help.

Paul_HowardAdministrator in reply to MAS4

Let us know how you get on when you speak with the pharmacist.

Have you ever tried steroid treatment for your joint pain? Did that have any effect on the pain you experience?

MAS4 in reply to Paul_Howard


Yes had steroids in hands, fingers and shoulders and initially I did have some relief but the pain returned within 2 weeks but again the steroids interfere with diabetic control so its a double edged sword.

You really need to follow Paul’s advice on this. A professional should be advising you. I was told I had type 2 and needed Metformin but this drug is not advisable with Hydroxychloroquine! My GP practice would have happily let me take these two together if I hadn’t refused and gone on a strict diet to reverse the diabetes. Look at the information leaflets and show them to the pharmacist. Good luck.

MAS4 in reply to Cas70

Thank you - as a type 1, diet will not reverse my diabetes but am pleased it has worked for you as a type 2. I am insulin dependent and I am trying to gather any info before my appointment with rheumatology next week to avoid any issues cropping up with insulin and anti malaria treatments. Thanks again.

Cas70 in reply to MAS4

Sorry, I appreciate that you can’t reverse type 1 - my point was that Hydroxychloroquine doesn’t work with all meds and you need expert advice - Very best of luck

Hi I am type 1 diabetic of 30 years with shockingly bad control despite lots of interventions ..... wondered how you have been getting on with your lupus plus diabetes journey ...... as I am currently being tested and showing lots of weird symptoms that I am finding it hard to get the doctors to recognise ..... usual response is, oh it's just your diabetes, but I feel there is something more going on ......

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