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Cold Sores

Hi all. Have had a rotten cold sore for 2 weeks. Slowly getting better. Have noticed I am getting them more often. Got to be Lupus related me thinks. Has anyone else suffered from these horrible sores? there always in the same area of the mouth and very painful and unsightly. Anyone got any ideas as to what i could do to reduce the frequency of them, maybe something i could add to my diet or something. Much appreciated. Thanks. Keep smiling through all x

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I'ave wondered too. My GP wondered if the virus gets triggered by the stretched nervous system coping with sle and manifests as cold sores and /or shingles... with or without the full blown rash but with the nerve pain.

As to diet L-lysine [part of amino acids] can help reduce the occurrence in some people. More greens, less grain, less sun on lips and no chocolate!!.. sorry, these tend to trigger cold sores in some people. Let us know how you get on. XX


suffered with these for years until GP put me on aciclovir tablets i hardly ever get them now and when i do i start the tablets and they heal much quicker xx


I get these too, they are awful, i started with the aciclovir tablets but then they stopped working so now once i feel it starting I get a short sharo dose of Prednisolone and it kills it off pretty quickly! Its now the only thing that works for me!


Hi Emmalee25. Interested in your answer. Do you go to your GP for the dose of Prednisolone? I am on a maintenance dose of 5mg. Or do you do this yourself when you need to? Could you reply to this please. Thanks.


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