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What to do in a flare?

Hey guys I'm 25 and got diagnosed with sle, pernies anemina n hughes syndrome in may although been investigated for 2 years prior to this! I'm still new to fully understanding the conditions and only seen my rhemuy twice. Next appoitment in dec. today is a really bad day and currently still in bed as the pain in all my joints and stomach is unbearable. Plus the fatigue is really bad today. I normally battle thru on my own as when I last went up the doctors I felt like they didn't understand ( told me I had a virus) and sent me home telling me to drink n rest!!! Any advice on what you do in a flare is much appreciated x

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Hi Hayz - poor you, flares are the pits :( That's a pretty silly response from your GP who ought to know SLE flares bring symptoms similar to those of flus or viruses but with far worse joint pain and fatigue. Can't comment on medication since you didn't say what you're currently taking but, if there's any room to up your anti-inflammatories to maximum dose, then do and maybe also top them up with paracetamol (which doesn't help with inflammation but will a bit with pain and also in reducing fevers). The temptation is always to battle on and sometimes there's no choice but please do rest if you can - rest is as important a tool as medication in controling this wretched disease. I wish you better soon. Big hug x


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