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Light bulbs and Lupus

Is anyone like me worried about the phasing out of incandescent lightbulbs ? The new low energy ones always give me a migraine and make my lupus worse because they flicker. I have been buying up old stock but there will come a point when we can't buy them anymore. There is a campaign group who are associated with Lupus Uk and there is information on there about writing to our MP's and the goverment.

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Hi Jacks

I agree whole heartedly with your concerns regarding lights as I have been reminded by my body that yes, I am very UV sensitive! Over the years with various treatments, the sensitivity had been reduced until I started a new job in an office with old strip lights. My employers eventually provided filter covers for the bulbs and windows and that has helped. Sourced from a company that specializes in lighting filters for reduction of UV .

Sticky blood is notorious for migraine. Have you been tested?

Love your website!



Thanks for the info, I will certainly look into both :) x


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