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Retracted eardrum?

Hello everyone, just wondering if hearing loss due to retracted eardrum was a cause of sle. Since being diagnosed, numerous other health problems have occured and i'M never sure if they a problem in there own right or part of sle. I also have costocondritis and scoliosis with secondary curve and degenerative disc in neck. I slowly feel like my body has had enough especially as i have had heart and lung problems too.

I have a really good consultant who is very understanding and alwsys listens which i know is half the battle. I travel from Liverpool to london every 2 months to see him. Previously i was passed from pillow to post around merseyside for five years before diagnosis.

I just feel sometimes that even the best care isnt enough as i struggle everyday, new symptoms constantly and the fear of not knowing what is to come next.

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I have the same problem. Working out what is lupus and what is normal health issues! But I am not aware of retracted ear drum being a lupus problem. I would say unlikely but anything is possible. Have you had it checked out?


I can tell you that one of the first lupus type things that happened to me, was I lost my hearing for a bit...They put me on steroids and it came back...(it wasn't totally gone, but not as good)...Just in one ear....It did it again one time too...The Ear, Nose, Throat Doctor was a bit stumped, but sent me for a Crp test (?) for inflammation ,& it was 11 as I recall...My GP didn't seem to care, and never passed info on to guy that did my MRI...Time has passed, and Im suppose to have mild lupus...

The gp that caught the ear prob was covering that day for my gp, and I guess that was a lucky thing.


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