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Technical Problems

Hi Everyone,

I'm sure that many of you will be aware of the technical problems that have been plaguing the HealthUnlocked Platform for the past week or so. The team are working tirelessly to fix the issues and we will keep you updated on any developments.

In my experience, the problems tend to be intermittent, so if the site is not working for you at one point, you may find it worth trying again in half an hour.

The problems may also affect some internet browsers more than others, so if you are having problems, try using chrome, firefox or safari.

If you have an urgent matter, as always you can contact LUPUS UK by email, or on Facebook or Twitter.

Thanks for your patience everyone.

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The majority of the problems have now been addressed. You may still experience the site being a little sluggish at time, but the other issues should be cleared up. If you are still experiencing any problems, please just let me know.


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