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Hi, how are you doing guys? I am having a problem with my hair. Since I was diagnosed with Lupus last year, i've got allopesia, i almost loss my hair. Now, I'm having my hair back, it's still on the part of growing up. and in to my surprise my hair is turning curl (naturally) and i dont like it, i mean some natural curl is beautiful, but in my case its different. we all know that our hair serves as our crowning glory. we coon look a lot good. I want to treat my hair with Rebonding or The brazilian blow-out (permanent blow dry) so, i'd like to know if any here did that treatment already?? and did it turn out good?? thank you, and have a great summer!! xxx

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Hi there ,sorry I can't really help much,but I just wanted to say,I list ALL of my hair to breast cancer treatment/chemotherapy,buy when it grew back it was growing back curly,I was just glad to have hair to be honest with you.

Eventually my hair did all straighten out,now it is all back to normal,so hopefully your hair will straighten out on its own.



Hi there Sandy. Sorry to hear that, but I'm most glad that you are better now, and your hair too! Thank you, and Im hopeful that my hair will go back in its normal growth. Xx


I have to admit I was shocked when it started to grow back really wavy, and I think it was for just a few months,now it is dead straight like it used to be,I wish I could have got somewhere in the middle of the two,would have given it a bit of body,years ago evening was in my 20 I used to pay to gave it permed,ha ha,typical,I would pay for a treatment if you get any good tips for treatments,hope you find one that works for you.

tske care,Sandy.


Hi my hair falls out in patches got so fed up with it so I now keep it shaved off I do have a wig but it's to hot to wear in the summer I have a great selection of hats and what's the best thing? I save loads of money and never have a bad hair day sorry if this sounds flippant but it's the way I have learned to deal with it


Hi Sandy. Thank you for giving an advise. I'll keep on searching for the right treatment. Keep getting better xx

and Jennyhe, aww so sorry to hear that, believe me ur hair will go back in its form, u just hav to wait for a lil while, i'm dealing w/ a hairstylist i hope she can repair my tedious hair haha. Keep getting well. Michelle x


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