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feeling sorry for myself

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i`m new to the site & feel bad that the first thing i blog i make is me moaning


im having an awful week, i know im in a flare but this weeks so much worse than ever before. i dont think there is apart of my body that doesn`t hurt, my tummy is playing up, i have a spit gland infection, my limbs are twitching all the time & foggy doesn`t cover how i feel today. sorry just had to have a moan, feeling sorry for myself :-)

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lisajane u moaning all u want thats what this is for trouble shared is a trouble halved take care lupus jon x

Not to worry, at least you know that we all understand what your talking about & can relate to it :-) chin up

Sandra 4

This is where you can share how you feel and we truly all understand...gentle hug for you me thinks :)

Big hugs to you LisaJane. Hope you feel better as the day goes on :)

hi i have just joined and im in shock only found out last week i have lupas after losing my son in feb had tests done from hospital i went docs so many times and not one helped me i get chest pains my toes hurt legs arms headaches my hair is falling out i get up some mornings and cant walk for 2 mins as my feet go stiff u name it i thought i was goin mad and para but deep down im so scared xxx get well

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JJ37 in reply to hels

HI Hels. I was diagnosed as the beginning of the year after attending the hospital with what I thought was a ligament problem in my knee. I suffered with joint problems and tiredness for years (as well as lots of other stuff) but my GP said it was post natal.

It was a massive shock for me too, and I spent the first 6 months feeling sorry for myself and going backwards and forwards to the hosp trying different medications to keep it under control, most of which I've had a reaction to.

All I can say is, it took control of me for the first six months, now I have control of it.. I just get on with everything as I did before, when I have bad days/weeks, I just limit what I do and sleep lots, just take the medication and it will ease.... xx

Hi Lisa Jane

Its good to moan...just dont let it take control of you! As Sandra4 said, we all understand!! x

Hi lisa

Know just as you feel. I can't even put words to gether have typed this twice. I am off work too and very low but reading all the comments we are not alone!

Thinking of you and will send get well vibes. xx

thank you all so much for your messages, its great to have people that understand here :-) my family think all i do is moan.

thank you, hope you are all feeling the best you can, gentle hugs to you allxx

Hels so sorry to hear about your son xx

The only people who really understand Lupus are those who have it. That is why these forums, facebook and other social media have been fantastic in joining us all together and helping us through this nasty disease. No matter how much you educate those around no one truly understands.

Thats why we are all here - for each other xx

It certainly gives you a lift when your feeling down to know there are others who feel the same. I too are new to this site, What a great bunch you all are. xx

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kb281 in reply to Skid

I must agree I have felt so much better since I joined this site to know I am not the only one who thinks they are going mad!

I feel lucky I am not suffering as bad as some of you and just want to help others by sharing and chatting.

Love this site!!! Great work everyonexx


Its great that you can tell us how you are feeling!We all understand and share your pain.We all feel sorry for ourselves sometimes let's be honest.

It's just great that we have this site now to moan to people who understand!

Take care of yourself Hope it passes soonx


Hi all

Hope ur all having a good day :-).

I have found this group & the ones on facebook a great help, i dont know anyone with lupus so being able to asked some questions or even have a good moan to people who understand has been a great help.

Thank you all again for your support it has been appreciated.

Take care Lisa

It's not moaning, it's sharing with other people who totally understand how you feel. It's so hard to make people understand how the disease makes you feel when they don't have it. It's caused relationship problems for me in the past, especially when I'm always tired. So I get why you feel sorry for yourself, I've been there too.

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