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Has anybody had a problem with a lump on the back of neck? Been told its Buffalo Hump !!!!!!

I had this lump come up on the back of my neck/shoulders and was told it was called a Buffalo Hump and caused by steroids. I had not been on steroids for more than a year so how could it be steroids?

It has come back up again as big as ever now more than 3 years off steroids. It is pulling my skin pushing my head forwards as well as pulling it back as the skin is so tight. It's really painfull and causes a headache like you would not believe.

Has anybody else had something like this and had a diagnosis or treatment?


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I have been on steroids for 20 years - mostly on lowish doses of around 5mgs. I noticed a fatty lump on the back of my neck in a changing room recently. I googled it and it looks like a buffalo hump. It is not painful though. Just looks a bit weird.


I have had Lupus for around 20 yrs and have never taken one single steroid and yet I have buffalo hump. I hate it. I was told as i have athritis this is a form of spondolitis of the neck and upper spine and it happens in older ladies with or without lupus. If you are overweight it also seems to happen more often, and I am overweight. I feel its ugly - when I lost some weight a long time ago it seemed to disappear quite a bit. I am on Plaquenil and take also guclosamine(sp) and other meds


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