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Well it's finally hear and I can't wait. I've been looking forward to this for months. It's been nearly 6 months since I was diagnosed and I have made such leaps and bounds since starting meds in feb. I know Turkey will be hot and I've taken every mosie and sun protection imaginable but it's nice to be doing something normal with my family-they so deserve it as they have supported me through a really rough period.

Getting ready to go away has not been without its limitations-especially as I worked till 10pm wed and fri but I'm getting much better at pacing myself and prioritising what's important and letting the other things go.

Thank you for all the help and support I've received on here. It's lovely to feel I'm not alone or crazy and be well and strong till I can check back in 2 weeks x

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Stupid predictive texting-I meant here!!


hope u av great holiday enjoy xxx


I love Turkey I find skin so soft by Avon the best mossie protection on the market of course it was not made for that but boy it does the Job.

Enjoy and let us know how it went.


I have just come back from Spain. Had no problems and it went well apart from husband forgetting his case! Nothing less than factor 30, made sure I drank plenty and took it easy in the heat. Health insurance organised in case but no need to use it. Have a great time ;)


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