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Borderline SLE during pregnancy now in remission

Hi there....i have been hovering for some time now, so apology's im diving straight in with a question!

I was diagnosed with Lupus SLE in August 2006, sadly i had severe pre-eclampsia & my daughter had to be delivered early at 25+2 & she passed away at 3 days old :(

After her passing i had my bloods tested & it came back that i was borderline SLE which was brought on gestationally...which makes sense now as i have had 3 early miscarriages, mid term loss at 18 weeks gestation with a baby girl & my daughter who was delivered prematurely.....

i was diagnosed "just in time" as i was PG with my DS who is now 5 years old, so at 8 weeks PG i started injecting with Clexane until after my PG & then again with my youngest son 7 months later....i am blessed to have 2 precious DS's all thanks to Clexane & low dose Asparin.....since 2008 my SLE has been in remission, but i have fibromyalgia which sadly has left me more dibilatated & im on high dose meds due to that...i see my rheumotologist twice a year & they check my rheumy says that my SLE will return, when i hit the menopause if not before, because its thriving on my hormones.....has anybody else been told this?

Despite being in remission i am still very much treated as though i have Lupus....apart from my Fibromyalgia, under active thyroid & insomnia i am absolutely exhausted, more so than normal.....if my bloods come back as still in remission, does that mean that i won't get any of the symptoms of the Lupus, that everything should be put down to Fibromyalgia??

I hope my post makes sense....thats the Fibro-Fog for you, im all over the place lol

Thankyou for reading x

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I've read your question and felt I had to acknowledge you even though I do not know the answer! I am new to the site too. By what you have said it sounds as though you should at least be visiting your GP or getting an earlier appointment with your rheumy and get these worries and questions answered, especially since you have noticed that you are more exhausted than normal.

Hope you are having a better day today.

Thinking of you.



Thankyou so much for taking the time to reply to my post :)

I was starting to think i was going round the twist :@

Im having my blood tests done on Weds, they are going to check for to factors which will tell if my Lupus has started up again....if they are postive, in my GP's words "we will then look in to it further!!"

But they are going to check my thyroid again as it hasn't been done for a while, Vitamin D, Liver & kidney function due to the morphine, Tramadol, Levothyroxine, 150mg Amitryptiline im on daily, full blood count & going to check me for Coeliacs disease which is new to me!!

Thankyou again & i really apreciate your kindness & saying hi, it means alot!! x


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