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New Medication - Leflunomide any feed back welcome

Hi Saw rheumy today and as result of last blood tests, he has decided that although I have Lupus (diagnosed just over a year ago) I also have a very big cross over with rheumatoid arthritis, so am due to start on Lefunomide ( but am going to leave it till after the weekend as going to a wedding and advide on label is no alcohol at all) and was just wondering if anyone else takes this medication and how have you been on it.

So have to stop the hydroxychloroquine reduuce then stop methotrexate, but stay on 5mg of prednisolone daily, but can increase it for while if need be till Leflunomide kicks in.


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Hi I'm on leflunomide and have been for about a year. If I'm honest I haven't found any real benefits to being on it so am going to ask my rheumy when I see her monday if I can swap back to plaquenil as feel the lupus side of my problems don't feel controlled at all. I to wwas taking it with methotrexate and meloxican but had to stop the methotrexate due to chest pain. I know different drugs work differently on different people so fingers crossed it will help you. Good luck and take care x x


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