Lupus lesion

Lupus lesion

Sorry photo is up side down ( it is my under boob not a role of fat haha)

I have had this lesion for good 6 months now... I went gp had it treated for ringworm which it is not, then I saw a dermatologist when I had allergic reaction to hydroxychloroquine An I showed her this she said it was exzma and gave me centraben which cleared up straight away when putting it on every night.... for the past couple of months it's started to show up again out of no where. I do have dry skin so don't use no perfumed soaps or washing detergent thats all bio if that's the word...

a dr a few months ago brought up lupus lesion, I have showed my mum an partner how bad it is tonight and googled a picture of a lupus lesion An to see how similar it is...

has anyone else had any other ideas on what this is or do have lesions them selves?

I'm seeing my rhumy 28th Feb will be showing him this.....

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  • I'm glad you're taking good pics & seeing rheumatology soon. I hope you get some good replies. This is a nasty lesion. I've seen similar pics...but the closest thing I've experienced that looked somewhat like this was a cellulitis infected insect bite ( it spread, become a HUGE bulls eye). It cleared after 2 weeks on daily oral high dose flucloxacillin. Cetraben is a range of emollient cream...which can be purchased OTC. My feeling is that you need more than just cetraben...but first you need clearer more convincing diagnosis.

    🍀🍀🍀🍀 coco

  • It looks like some pictures I've seen of discoid lupus, but much larger. (I'm not a dermatologist.) Only a biopsy will tell you for sure. At least that is what I have been told.

  • Ouch that looks raw! I have discoid lupus, although that doesn't look exactly the same as mine, it does look the same as the ones I would get on my belly when I was younger. And there's so so many different types of sores that DLE can give you, I can't see how to upload a photo on here to show you mine. I hope dermy can solve it for you, if it is discoid, no creams will help, but the hydroxy will after many many months x

  • I have them all over my body. It is acute subcutaneous lupus. Have had biopsy twice to confirm . I Have had for 20 years. Nothing much helps. On placquenil, oral steroids , imuran. Tried BENYSTAL, now now Rheumotologist and dermatologist have started methotrexate, seems to be fading some. UV light, halogen, flourscent, all are very bad for me. Drs say worst they have seen. I use all precautions and still rash. IV steroids helps some but then comes back Good luck

  • Does your rash go away or subside. mine subsides but is in full swing at the moment,arms legs chest,neck,back and stomach. i have been taken of my meds and i am having my fist light treatment tomorrow. mine has never gone away completely.

  • No it has never gone away completely... it only went away when I first started the centraben but then come back within the few weeks. Very uncomfortable An sore though

  • My wife has a similar problem in the same area. Sometimes it opens and bleeds. Her doctor felt it was from predisone. She uses Interdry cloth to prevent the effects of skin-on-skin contact. When it's open and raw, she covers it with xeroform.

  • Regular doctors know nothing about more peculiar rashes. Even good dermatologists will do biopsies, in my opinion. But some will diagnosis by looking or photographs. It is really not definitive until a biopsy.

    A GP blamed a sun rash on plaquinil, even though I'd been on plaquinil for many years.

  • I had exactly the same and in the same place in my first few years after diagnosis and a patch on my tummy (which was 23 years ago). They never knew what it was, but gave me a steroid cream which did seem to help, but the moment I stopped it came back. Eventually it went away and I have probably not had it for the last 15 years. I would be interested to find out what it is called.

  • Hi all just to let you all know. I am now being tested for lymes disease because of symptoms An this rash.... I went away 2 years ago to Spain so they think it's from that

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