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All advice welcome

After time off work (3 days tjen it was school holidays) recently I was given the all clear I went back to work. Told my supervisor what I had been off with ( kidney inf & numbness/loss of sensation down rt side - different docs said was caused by different things - lupus or a stroke) All was going fine then I gad to report I had been hit by a child deliberately tarveting my spina biffida site. It hurt but I managed it with painkillers, continued to go to work & lo & behold same child targets same place again but it left me with pain in my back & loss of sensation in my legs!

I have been off since Tues & Emailed the headteacher (who I had also reported the assaults to, obviously) to ask would she be dealing with the assaults.

She came back to me with a request to attend an interview conducted by her to discuss my absence record (4 in the last 12mts incuding now) & then she wants me to see occupational health -questioning wether I am suitable for the job (midday assistant) as working with children is physically & mentally demanding.

I disclosed both SLE & spina bifida when I took the job 4 1/2 years ago & saw occupational health then too (lupus had already caused a CVA by then).

I cant help but feel the head wants to dismiss me & avoid having to deal with assault.

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Hi, sorry to hear about you having such a tough time, but you sound like you have dealt with it really professionally and calmly.

Can you take someone with you to your meeting with your head, such as someone from the cab? Plus you will have time off with the illness, and it is right the school should look at protecting you by getting OCs involved. You do need support and help, and the head can't just get rid of you, but there has to be ways of managing your job without you being exposed to attacks that leave you more ill than you are day to day.

Goodluck with it all, and I hope it all works out xxx


Thanks Cobbers.

Luckily my OLD supervisor said one day 'We should ALL be in union (holding eye contact with me), they are invaluable if there's any issues.' - I am so grateful for that!!

Seemingly protocol is O.C FIRST, then see the head, who also asked me to read the sickness policy in the staffroom (its recently changed apparently) - umm I'm not in work, please sent it to me electronically!

I was advised to postpone the meeting with the head til after consult with O.C. but yes, union can come to the meeting, or a friend/relative.


Did you fill out an accident form at the time of the assaults? If not ask for a form and do it now.. Always a good idea to have these things formally recorded. If you are injured in the work place you employer should ask you to fill out a form.


Supervisor said both times he would write the report up. Since I have not been asked to sign anything I can only assume nothing has actually been written down. I've been off sick since Mondays assault.


Good advice from Marley. YOU have to fill out an incident form keeping to facts and not opinions and you sign and date it. See Occ Health, they are usually quite supportive and will be able to advise and contact union rep for advice and support. Good luck.


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