Really down in the dumps

Well where do I start. Last weekend suffered a seizure which scared the hell out of me. Since then I've been having really bad panic attacks and even had to cancel a night out this weekend. My gp has been really good and given me something to help and some time off work. The witches of east wick ( my management) didn't sound happy when I phoned and told them. I'm off to the lupus clinic tomoz so hopefully they can give me some answers to what's going on. Was feeling ok until last weekend but this has really knocked my confidence, plus other thing going on like my mother in law in hospital really I'll. All seems to come at once. On the plus I have got some good friends who are trying to cheer me up so thanks to them. Hopefully I'll feel a bit better tomoz x

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  • hi claire, im so sorry to hear about the seizures. may i ask what causes it? or is seizures part of lupus? im knew to the hole sle thing and still ask alot of questions. ive noticed i get very cold lately. that has never happend to me. good luck to you, i will think of you.

  • Hi Hester. Lupus can cause seizures along with many other symptoms. I've had a few before but when I was really ill and in hospital so that's why this time it's shook me up cause I was feeling well. I'm sure you will be able to find lots of good advice and encouragement on here. Keep well x

  • Hi Claire, wow that must have been really scary!! I hope you find some answers, not surprised it's knocked your confidence -and yes life always seems to throw more than one thing at a time at me too! Good luck at the clinic xx

  • Thanks for the nice message dryad x

  • Hi Claire, sorry to hear that you have been down in the dumps....I hope you have a lovely day with your friends tomorrow. Marion

  • thanks Marion

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