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dam chillblains

As if lupus is not enough , i have Syogrens, pbc, Rheuatoid Arthritis. For 3 months now i have had these dam chillblains ALL over my feet and heels. ( I mean All over my feet).

Also my legs and feet have doubled in size

I wont say what my mum told me what to do !!!!!!!!!! god bless her

does anyone else have this problem

madgirl xxxxx


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Been there and done that lol! I posted just over a week ago - Chilblains had them for 6 weeks, but they are starting to get a little better. Not so much purple, but pale reddish now! Bought Balmosa from chemist to use sparingly on unbroken chilbains and this has helped a lot! Give it a try and let me know how you get on!

Lulabelle x


many thanks .

they are driving me mad



Hi Mad girl,,,I have had chillblains on and off for twenty odd years.

The best way to treat them is internally!If you speak to your doctor he will explain how these have happened ,,the best way is too let your feet warm up very slowly to stop the flow of blood rushing back to the toes to fast,,winter is when i really suffered.

Nifedipine is what you need to ask your doctor for,,i have recomended this to a few other people who all called it magic!!I t works fast an gives lots of relief,,don't delay get some soon.

Good luck hun.



hi jinny

have been on nifedipine for 6 years now. summer winter , it does not matter.

if you can think of somthing else let me know



Bless you ,,i know some of the lupies in a group we are in use different forms of NiFEDEPINE,,one is called Adalat,,slightly different!I do hope you get some relief soon,,i really do understand your suffering.P.s have sent you a Message.x


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