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HAS ANYONE READ AND TRIED OUT, Jill harringtons book about Lupus and Diet???

Was wondering if anyone has read the book and implemented the diet? Is it all hype or did anyone see results? I tried juicing but couldn't go hungry and to be honest the juice was gross.... I tried going vegan (for only 2months) but after a month got into one of the worst flares I have ever had- so I just quit and had some chicken :-P

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I've just bought the book and I'm about to try the diet and I feel hopeful that it might help to reduce the need for drugs. See my recent blog :


Dryads earlier post on this subject is full of good stuff

I've been looking at anti inflammation diets & supplements since I turned 50 (8 yrs ago) way before my lupus etc diagnosis (turns out I've had SLE since infancy). My NHS pain specialst had recommended this diet etc, would you believe. Yes...seems this is sorta becoming more establishment

And 8 years of conscientiously eating this way have definitely been good or me

Last autumn on this forum I met a brilliant young academic nutritionist name in. She has written a comprehensive paper gathering recent academic research on this subject. She told me recently it's going to be available from her website:

I'd recommend this paper to anyone interested in this subject. Ani covers diet, supplements, exercise, mood etc. it's scholarly but very accessible, and emphasises the importance of including your drs in your diet decision making


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