AGM World Lupus Day 20th May!

i have managed to secure tickets for the above AGM seminar in Warrington, Merseyside on the above day. This is the first time that I have been to one of these meetings after being diagnosed 17 months ago with Lupus. I am hoping that I manage to gain further insight into this dreadful condition, treatments and expert medical advice. i am also excited at the prospect of meeting up with other people with this condition to share knowledge and experience. So any of you Lupies who may also be attending this Sunday, i look forward to meeting you all.

Lulabelle x

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I hope you enjoy.

Lupus U/k have just had a Conference at Cardiff , It was great to see people like our self and hear talks on Lupus we get a better understanding and I have to say bias as i am it was a fantastic time(South Wales Lupus Group hosted it) the next one is up your way in Chester on 12 May 2013 I hope to meet you there.


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