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Eye problems


I feel that my eyes are deteriorating. Some days my vision is a bit weird and things seem a bit fuzzy and have to wear glasses all the time other times my eyes are ok. It seems when I am tired and in a flare they get worse. I am not on the malaria tablets. Does anyone else get this?

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Yes, I have had blurry vision for periods for quite a few months now, I agree it is when I am tired, or the light isnt very good, getting worse when I am in a flare. My Rheumy referred me to an opthalmologist in case it was the hydroxy, I went to see him and he examined my eyes including the drops etc. and he could find no reason for this. If you manage to find anything out I would appreciate letting me know.,

Hi there, yeah I get blurred vision too & feel as though my sight is deteriorating. Sometimes mine arn't as bad either. I had mine tested back sometime ago & only need glasses for reading. It's so annoying isn't it. When they are bad it makes me feel strange like spaced out. Blinking lupus I wonder what's next. Always something hey. Have been struggling last few months, feeling so unwell & just hurting so much. After explaining to my rheumy he suggested giving me a steroid injection to give me a boost. It has helped the hurting but still not feeling the best. This week I've had nagging headache all week. Happy days hey. All the very best to my lupus friends, I hope you all have good pain free week.

God bless u all x

lupydragon in reply to tremarel

Hi, must admit think my eyes have got worse, and have had them checked, glasses for reading very small print but only a slight change in persciption. I've also had a nagging fuzzy headache for nearly a week, went back to work this week after 4 weeks off, and for about the last 6 weeks havd had far more aches and feeling grot, have only managed to do part days so far

How strange me too, I've had a headache since Sunday, it's really getting me down now. I've given up taking the paracetamol now because they haven't done any good. Are you taking anything for your headache?

thanks guys it helps to know others have this problem when I mentioned it to my Rhuemy last time I saw her she said I needed diabetic guess what as I knew that was fine. I think this rain does not help been feeling bad too lots of pain in feet legs and hands this week.

I too have eye problem's ie dry eye's and bleary vision and I see a ophthalmologist because I take Hydroxychloroquine and the side affect can cause problems with your eye's so that's why I see him every 6 months. There are lot's of false tears available but I would go and get your eye's tested (again) telling them what your problems are so they might be able to help and if your eye's are playing you up that could explain your headaches but don't be fobed off!! I hope you (all) feel bright soon. x

Thanks minimum done eye test bit and they are aware of my health problem and dry eyes but it is good advice x

I am the same. I have what I describe as good eye days and bad eye days when everything is fuzzy - this can be without a headache. At other times I get that fuzzy headache that lasts for a couple of days. I had my eyes tested recently and the only thing that was said was my eye pressures were on the high side and I should have them re-tested soon. They said that may be due to being on steroids-3 years, I do also take hydroxy.

Best to have your vision properly checked by an Opthamologist to rule out glaucoma, retinal issues, optic cancer, any peripheral vision loss, ...

Easy peasy testing. Well worth the bother. Better safe than sorry

As with all things lupus ... there are multiple possible causes for wonky vision - Rx side effects being just one of many.

Sometimes a specialist - Neuro-Ophtamologist is needed to sort out brain / eye / vision issues.

Eyes are precious and impossible to replicate replace.

Vision must be protected if at all possible.

Permanent damage can occur if symptoms are ignored.

Everyone please have your vision checked by a proper Opthamologist at minimum once a year.

I also have eye troubles. Symptoms of meibomiam glands dysfunction with delightful added extras. Eye surface layers breaking down into very fine strands that stick to everything except the eye. It makes you feel very down and nothing seems to wash it off the face.

Any suggestions please.

nanny4 in reply to jayniey

My daughter had vision loss,,tunnel vision that long that she didn't even realise she had a problem,until she saw a spine specialist,since she was put on the meds for lupus her full vision has returned.

Now she is having tests for vasculitis as she was found to have swelling on the brain.

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