Anyone else tried Doxycycline?

Hi. My GP has considered Lupus as a diagnosis for an illness I have suffered for over 3 years. I have confirmed POTs, anaemia (B12 every 3 months) and what they have been calling post viral syndrome for a while. Elevated ESR, and almost all of the symptoms listed on this site (but not the facial rash) but he is not confirming this diagnosis as my ANA is showing as 'normal'.

My GP has put me on doxycycline 100mg for 4 weeks to see if it has any effect on the ESR. It's not going to be an easy month as under a week in I am sick and hurting even more than usual, but I'm in for the long game and happy to stick with it if there is light at the end of the tunnel.

I have found another website: which suggests this can help Lupus patients...

is anyone else taking/taken this and did it benefit you??

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doxycycline is contra indicated in lupus it can make the condition worse not sure if your gp is aware of this please ring the surgery or pharmacey as soon as possible. my GP made the same mistake when i had a chest infection. please check.made my lupus worse.

check the patient leaflet. in the box it came in.

good luck


I have visited the site and read the book, The New Arthritis Breakthrough by Dr Thomas Brown. I would love to try antibiotic therapy but i can't see my GP or Rheumatologist going for it.


Hi Smarty, i have discoid lupus and my doctor came out to my home the day after id had my bloods taken to tell me i had an infection in my blood my white blood cells are signifacantly raised so i had my bloods redone and he said they have come back pretty much the same so he thinks i have a chest infection i do havr a runny nose and a bit of a cough bt have bad pain in my back in bottom of ribs were i have to make a fist and push on it to try ease he has perscribed me Doxycline 200 to start then 100ml a day and 200 to finish six days worth i have just had a reactio to hydroxchloriquine my hansand feet blistered they are still peeling now. i did read that this can make lupus worse i do have symptoms of SLE but no positive ANA. I have to only taken the first dose due to take theprried


Sorry hadt finished im due to take the next dose today but am worried incase it makes my lupus wose. Im due back at my dermy tomorrow to get other blood result to see if i can start mycofenalate mofil think spelt it right its other name is cellcept i also suffer from psoriasis and all the other meds have flared this up so am hoping it will work.


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