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Hi. I have been struggling for a couple of years too loose weight. I used to be very active in sport until about 5 years ago and had issues with lethargy, joint pains, back pain etc. I was diagnosed with Lupus SLE just over 2 years ago and Fibromyalgia 3 months ago. I have read about Keytone Slim XT and wondered if anyone has tried this. I have tried to see if it has any issued with Lupus, but nothing found. I can't have gastric band and my GP was going to put me on tablets, but I did not take it further. Just wanting to know if anyone has tried these it know of anyone that has. At an all time low, as never been as big as I am and does not help my depression and anxiety issues.

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    Doesn't sound good. Most of these things are just a way of getting money out of us. I do sympathise as I also find it impossible to lose weight and am very depressed about the state of my body. But I wouldn't waste money on these tablets. x

  • I know what you mean Chicklette. Such scams are even shown to be recommended by celebrities. It's so difficult. I have tried so hard but with the Fibromyalgia and Asthma on top of Lupus, I have struggled to lose the weight. To think that only 10 years ago I used to go to the gym 5 days a week, swim every day and do aerobics. Now just to walk down the stairs is a task most days. Hey ho. Keeping as positive as I can. xx

  • these tablets have been on watchdog as well for scam. you order the trail bore you get to cancel the trail they have sent out the next batch and most chases the third at near on £100 a throw. you can buy from local herbalist a lot cheaper. But even your doctor will tell you only way is by diet. You are as well talking to your Gp about if they do weight watchers or something similar on prescription. A lot of GP's started it a few years ago when it all kick off about Britain becoming over obsessed .

  • I also found this: I really wouldn't waste your money as it sounds very unethical.

  • Thank you Chicklette. The terms are not very clear, but looking again I could just about see it. So glad I wiated to hear if anyone had tried it before going ahead. Back to the doctor for further advice.

  • Hi Tassiewoo, I think many of us can empathise with you so please do not feel alone in this! I have lupus for 20 years now and have never managed to get off steroids in all that time and so have gained a lot of weight. Many forms of exercise are impossible due to lung problems, painful joints, fatigue etc but I have found going to the swimming pool my saviour! Due to a back injury (too many steroids!) I cant actually swim but I walk up and down in the pool and do various exercises, it is so much easier in water. You would be surprised how many people are there doing the same, MS sufferers, stroke victims etc. Even though some days I have to drag myself there I always feel much better mentally and physically afterwards. At first I felt very conscious in a swim suit but soon realised nobody paid any attention at all, and slowly but surely the weight is coming off and my Lung Function tests have improved! 😃

  • I am 29 and i have not been able to work bcos of lupus. My weight is ever increasing my mobility is worse cos of AVN caused by lupus. Is it possible to get a free membership to locally run gym. I cant afford to pay for the gym.

  • I keep looking for the free class in the park, the special community class. Community Centers seem to cost less than the YMCA and definitely less than health clubs. I would sit be the phone and call every one listing activities and costs. Just Maybe!!

  • Hi Bronagh2015.

    I love swimming but my toes nails in the last 8 months have just deteriorated. My GP has now referred me back to my dermatologist as I can't take the tablets I need to get my toes nails back in order, as medications I'm on will not go well and caused arrhythmia. I know I can't swim like I used to because of neck problems but I just would love to get back in the water and do some water aerobics. I must admit that I have become so self conscious that I don't go out as much as I used to, because of my weight and I feel so embarrassed and I kno it's down to me to do something, but I cry when I try so hard and get out breath or in pain and can't move. I know there are so many people far worse off than me, but I wish these critics who say about obese people could see what I used to be like and how my health has affected my weight, not just because they think I sit around and eat all day. And like yourself, I have been on a lot of steroids, but now I'm on a steroid combination inhaler to help with my Asthma. But it's good that you are finding it good in helping you with your lung function...keep it up hun.xx

  • It's impossible not to put weight on when you have these sort of health problems. I was in a wheel chair a couple of times after operations on m feet and knees as I have CMT and the weight just piles on. I put about 4 stone on. I felt awful and couldn't move. I've lost a lot of it now but still over weight and 2 sizes bigger. Healthy thin people never consider that overweight people have other problems. We don't get fat for fun or with over eating.

  • Oh Tassiewoo you really are going through an awful time, my heart goes out to you. I know exactly what you mean by people judging you without knowing a thing about you and the struggles us lupus sufferers face everyday. Please please keep your head up you are precious and this terrible time will pass 😘

  • Thank you Bronagh2015. It really does help speaking to people on Health Unlocked. Even though everyone has different degrees of health issues it's good to know that people understand what you are going through. I know my husband is supportive, but I find I keep a lot of how I feel to myself. I often forget my limits but that's my head still thinking it's as fit and active as I used to be 10 years ago! 😊xx

  • So so many of us are in the same boat. Ive put on 6 stone - now a size 20 BUT I'm ok with it finally and have bought some lovely clothes to fit my much bigger and changed physique. Ive been diagnosed/ treated 7 years. It took me about 5 years to stop grieving for who I used to be and what I used to do. Im not saying give up trying but try to learn to love yourself...pamper yourself....just tell yourself its ok. Ive bought some basic home gym equipment recently - static bike and fold up treadmill, both about £70 each (yay for backdated PIP) - not to lose weight but to try to exercise at my leisure for as long as I can as Im worried about my legs, doesn't get used a lot but its to hand. wish I had a magic wand to help us all. Take good care xx

    Ps seeing a hypnotherapist tomorrow to help with pain and motivation hopefully....fingers crossed

  • Guildford, thank you: that's pretty much what happened to me too. Most times I am okay with the new (unimproved!) me, but even after all these years, sometimes it still gets me down. I went to NYC with two of my girlie friends to celebrate one of them turning 60 - we had a fab time, but they wanted to go to Macy's. Shopping is pretty much a nightmare for me, like a lot of us, because of the standing and walking, and so on, but they were really keen and I decided I could always go to the coffee shop when I was exhausted. We all split up as we wanted to look at different things. My friends were nearly an hour late to the rendezvous and loaded with bags. I hadn't bought a thing because I hadn't found a single piece of clothing that fit me, let alone holding out for something I would actually be seen dead in. I was so upset I had to excuse myself and have a little weep.

    But a couple of months later I needed a cocktail dress for an important do. I spent hours searching the web and found a site called Curvety - which is specifically designed for the larger figure (although in my opinion, anyone calling size 14 large needs their head examined!). It's not cheap, but they do have good sales, and now I have dresses that actually suit my figure; I recommend them to the house.

    That doesn't mean I've stopped hating my weight gain, or given up trying to lose just a few pounds, but it helps somewhat.

    BTW, my doctor offered me a subscription to Weightwatchers; you might see if your surgery does anything like that. I chose instead aqua aerobics, like Bronagh, and it really does help, even on days I can't do that much. Best of luck!

  • Thanks for your message :-). I can totally empathise with you re your New York trip...its hard to stop the tears at times isn't it? I suppose in some ways Im lucky as 80% of my friends are obese like me but they dress beautifully - they have their own health problems unfortunately they don't live near me now though :-( I know I wouldn't keep up with any water exercise as I can't cope with the thought of dressing and undressing...getting wet then dry etc - too many spoons, lol. But I may ask my doctor about slimming world - I find their diet easier to follow. Have found to my delight that my weight and having lupus doesn't seem to put men off either,as Im on dating sites. Be happy xx

  • I agree with you that being out with the girls can be the plus that makes the day. It's been years since I found something in a department store that looked good on me. My figure is just not normal. I find shopping in my closet works quite well, over 28 years, I have been just about every size. Catalogues are a godsend. Now the osteoporosis, has shortened both my legs and torso. It's good that style has so many different looks.

  • Hi Guildford.

    It is so true, I was in denial about my conditions and how they had been affecting me. I guess I just did not want to believe that it was real and hoped the specialists had made a mistake. How foolish was I. I still over do it, as I had always been active and could never sit still for long, but I pay the price for it though. I guess I just don't want my conditions to rule my life and let it beat me. I kind of keep fighting it, but more often than not I end up being unwell for several days. So frustrating. I am getting an exercise bike, as I have to lose the 7 stone that had crept on in the last 3 years.

    Good look at the hypnotherapist. Have to let us know how you got on. :) xx

  • One stone at a time honey or aim for one dress size :-)

    Im aiming to get back comfortably into all my size 18s first.

    Ive yet to meet a lupus sufferer who manages to pace themself all the time....lifes just not like that especially if you have children/family. Good luck :-) xx

  • Thank you Guildford. And good luck to you hun.xx :)

  • Hi Tassiewoo and everyone else x,

    I don't write on here very often at all but thought I'd share my experience of weight loss since Jan this year.

    I know how you all feel about weight gain, over the last 4 years since being diagnosed with an Auto Immune Disease (possibly Lupus but slight according to my Rhumy...) and fibromyalgia as well as back problems since I was 11 (now 47) I had put on a stonce every year.

    In January I started Slimming World after my partner and I saw a photo of us on Christmas Day and we both said right that's it...

    It is ideal for anyone who can't do exercise as you still loose weight without doing any....

    I have lost 2st 2lb since the 13th January and all I can manage atm is a short walk with our dog along the beach once a day.

    You can also ask your doctor if he will refer you to group as some do Prescribe Slimming World on the NHS.

    They are very supportive at group and its a great way of getting out of the house even if it is only once a week.

    Hope this may help x

  • That's fantastic tillyanna, well done. A friend of mine lost weight with slimming world, I thinks that's who she did it with, and she looks great. I just get anxious about going on my own, as I don't really go out a lot now. I just got to pluck up the courage somehow.

    Will be worth mentioning this to my GP too. But I'm happy that you have achieved your weight loss. Xx

  • I would definitely mention it to your GP, hope he can refer you.

    I'm sure once you are there the ladies and gents that go will be very supportive, and you may even know some of them, my group leader is such a good listener and no-one feels isolated or out of place. My other half had reservations about going as he is rather large but once there we were both welcomed and have made a some new friends.

    Keep as positive as you can, I know it's hard especially if like me people say 'You're looking well' when inside you know everything is so painful but it doesn't show like a broken bone... x

  • I too have SLE & Fibromyalgia amongst other things and like you used to be very active and fit. I put on a great deal of weight and became very depressed. Then I attended a lecture given by Prof. Ian Bruce saying how important it was to try to keep active. He ended by saying "instead of concentrating on what you can't do, instead concentrate on what you can do." So I decided to take on that mantra but not in the gym, in the pool. Were once I swam for an hour I was pleased if I lasted 2 minutes, (I'm not kidding I didn't last in the pool to do a full length!). That was 10 years ago and yes there have been long periods were I've had flare ups and been stuck in bed for weeks on end but eventually I've made it back to the pool. Because of joint problems I can't swim too well so now I go to aquafit instead. This is great because your free to do as much or as little as you feel able to do. Slowly the weight came off and because I was feeling better about myself my diet improved and more weight came off. I'll never be as fit or as slim as I once was but I do feel better about myself.

    What I've been waffling about trying to say is that try to find something you can do instead of worrying what you can't do. Don't give up!!!

  • Slimming world has worked for me too. I have tried all sorts of dieting with nothing working over the years, I need to lose at least 9 stone. So I bit the bullet and joined slimming world in late January with my daughter. I have lost one and a half stone and I am over the moon I have found something that works for me. The diet is a little like going back to basics and it's fairly gluten free. Be prepared to eat and prepare veg. Good luck xx

  • Have you tried cutting down on grains and dairy foods and increasing your fruit and veg. intake. I can't swim because the chemicals affect me and I have bad nails, too, but I move around often, do housework, garden and walk when I can except when feel unwell - it helps my joint pain and I take homeopathic ruta graveolens for joint pain and other hom. med. for various problems.

    It helps me and may be could help you.

  • Hi Cann.

    I have cut out a lot of dairy in my diet. I do eat a lot if veg, as prefer this to meat any day, but my fruit intake has dropped a bit. I do take my dog out for about 20-30 minutes, if my day is good, so my hubby only has to take him out later in the day. I do a bit of gardening, as its a large garden, and I have to try and keep on top of it, but we are starting to make areas maintenance free, as I struggle with it and my hubby is no gardener! But I struggle when it gets too warm and with the sun....when we get it! I'm also kept going by looking after my 2year old niece....wears me out but she keeps me going and is my motivation twice a week. I have not heard of ruta graveolens, but wI'll check it out, thank you. x

  • My weight has varied from 150 to 110 depending on the amount of the steroids. From what I understand, most of it was water weight at one time. Another time, it was the comfort food in the vending machine. More recently I had to give up yoga and aqua aerobics, multiple reasons but one was the center was going thru a make over and was going to change management and fee structure. Let's add I am a pear shape. My muscles were very weak when I came back home. My home is 3 floors so getting up and down was major and I sat a lot. Over the course of 7 months, I regained muscle tone just taking care of chores, going to the 3rd level to use the computer, etc. I have more core strength and can take my trash out if I package it in a way I can manage it. I can stand longer when I do dishes. Would it help to focus on building muscle strength? The other thing that I saw on this Web site was the Alexander Technique. It seems to me there are hints in using that which will aid with muscle tone, and feeling better. Sometimes then weight just comes off. I wish you the best TassieWoo.

  • Thank you Fighting. I shall have to look into the Alexader Technique, it may be helpful as I'm not able to do swimming for quite some time. I struggle with just one flight if stairs so can't imagine how I would cope going up and down three flights every day. It's certainly worth looking into other options and giving it a real good go. Thank you Fighting. Take care.xx

  • The Alexander Technique is a wonderful thing and did more to get me some mobility after my car crashes than almost anything else other than superb physiotherapists. Thoroughly recommend it :-)

  • I'll have to find out if there are any teachers on this side of the Atlantic for us ordinary folk. I saw that some celebrities found coaches. I don't know if they traveled to the UK.

    Pictures and descriptions in the book are well and good but doing it in a group could be better.

  • You sound a lot like me Tasslewoo.

    I have a big garden that I try to do a bit little and often to manage and choose times like early morn or late afternoon in the summer, but usually late afternoon as I am not good in the mornings and try to get chores done that I know I can't do later in the day.

    In the winter I am well covered because it has been quite cold here the last few winters.

    My hubby is no gardener either, but I feel gardening is grounding and good exercise to help keep the bones going without over doing it.

    I need my fruit and I think it helps to keep me regular and that in turn helps everything including weight.

    I use homeopathic medicines not drugs as I can't take any drugs since being damaged by treatment 15 years ago.

    Homeopathy has been and still is what I rely on along with the diet and lifestyle changes to suit my health and any complementary treatments I feel will help.

    Good luck with finding what is right for you.

  • I'm learning more about homeopathic treatments and I like them. My physician seems to discount their value. I took DHEA for years until it became difficult to find on my usual routes. I never had a problem with the lupus while I took it either. I also have taken fish oil. Recently, I've learned that you need to pay attention to the manufacturer too. Lifestyle changes, complementary treatments seem to do something so that I can be on lower doses of the meds that destroy bones and eyes.

  • I am on homeopathic ACTH which is to help the adrenals produce DHEA and cortisone. I always got extremely bad pain in my adrenals in stressful situations since damage of conventional drugs and surgery in 2000, but I notice this is improving.

    Physicians don't like homeopathy because there is not the profit in it and they don't always understand how it works, but for sensitive people it works well and I have to be careful not to take too much homeopathic treatment, so goodness knows what would happen if I took drugs - a death route, I suspect.

  • I suspect you are correct on both counts. No profit for them and it wasn't covered in medical school. I like Calms Forte to help me sleep on the occasional night that I am just too hyped up. I never mentioned it to a physician but it works better than Ambien or Ativan which were prescribed to me at different times.

    I have taken DHEA in the past but then became concerned that the label states it is for men's health. I didn't have a professional to discuss it with and it became difficult to find. I will say that I never had an episode while taking it. I recently learned of a reputable business that sells homeopathic " herbs"

  • If you ask your GP for weight Watchers vouchers you should be given them free once you see the nurse and your weight and BMI is recorded to be more than it should. You will be given the vouchers that you take to your local Weight Watchers meetings.

    This way of loosing weight is safe and you can eat all the food that you like within moderation as long as you record it you should loose weight weekly.

  • Thank you Maureenpearl. I will ask my GP. I did not know about this. I wonder if my GP does, as she is very good and sure she would have mentioned this is. Thank you.x

  • I want you to know that I lived with my sister for the better part of a year, had to drag myself upstairs to sleep. I rarely left a rocking chair as other chairs were just plain uncomfortable, tripped on my shoelaces, etc. When I began moving home, I stayed more on one floor, but then I tried a little more and a little more. In my own home, I get to choose how to keep the pillows, brace my back. It is a journey. Initially I couldn't stand to cook. I still have difficulty with peeling vegetables, may set up a pan to roast vegetables and then roast them the next night. This is better than the one skillet meals I did initially. I keep trying to learn ways to make things work. I also needed to do wash, so that means a trip. I now have the hamper half way down the stairs, toss things in and then toss them down. I try to weigh myself about once a week to keep some tabs on it but not obsess.

  • Thank you to everyone for their advice and guidance. Certainly a lot of great advice and lots to look into. So glad I did the post before going down that ketone route. Not easy to lose the weight and I know it's going to be baby steps and nothing drastic. I wish you all good luck in your own future goals. Thank you again.xx

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