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early symptoms of liver cirrhosis and pancreatitis

i would like to know the early symptoms of lupus affecting the liver,intestines and pancreas.i have been suffering from severe loss of appetite,constipation,indigestion(with heavy foods) for the past six months.i have also developed wague pain in the upper right abdomen,especially after eating.My stools are pasty in nature and pale most of the time.All my liver function tests were normal so my consultant refused to prescribe me medications.But i suspect that there is something wrong with my liver or pancreas as there is very low bile production, mild itching and malabsoption.They say liver cirrhosis is a compensated disease and will not show any symptoms until there is considerable damage.Please help me with this.i would like to know the early symptoms and detection mechanisms done to prevent any organ failure.Please help.

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hi if there is anything wrong with your liver it will show in your blood tests ask about your liver function tests , i have just had a liver biopsy as my lft has been high for a while please stop worring they will tell you if somethings wrong x



I have developed chronic pancreatitis through the azothioprine I was taking for 10 years.. Apparently this is a well known cause for pacreatitis. Nobody told me this was a possibility

. Mine was discovered after drastic loss of weight in a very short time and bouts of sickness and diarreha (spelling) and lower pain on the LEFT side sort of up into my ribs.( Right side is gall bladder site and lower back pain COULD be an indication of liver involvement. but only scans would confirm this.)

I now have to take a creon tablet with everything I eat and try to avoid very fatty foods (e.g. lamb). Apart from that it pretty much manages itself.

Liver function tests are usually tested every time your rheumy. asks for a full lupus blood screening/testing.

Is it not the case that liver function decrease is when you develop jaundice and this would start to show itself when you start going a bit yellow? Not sure.

Try not to worry although I know it is hard.

Irene x


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