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Going to see my Rheumy next week this will be 4 years running, i have never been asked for a water sample in all the times that i have seen him.

He once said to me he feels more sorry for patients with arthritis than patients with lupus.

Just wanting to know should i ask about water sample or not, all arthritis patients are asked for a water sample.

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Urine sample in a lupus patient in my experience is to check if you are losing protein in your urine which is usually linked to kidney damage. But don't take my word for it as we all experience lupus differently so could be a multitude of things.

I'm sure all will come clear at your appt.


hi lornadoon

im confused as i always have to give a water sample when i see my rheumy ,its so they can see if your kidneys are leaking protein,as lupus can really damage your kidneys and if protein is detected they can take action.

if i was you i would definatly ask for a urine check it takes seconds to test and usually done there and then by the nurse.


I always give a urine sample and although I have not had any kidney problems so far (20 years) with lupus you never know where it will strike next. My lupus clinic doctor requires urine testing to be done. Please do say you want your urine checked as it is so very important to catch any problems before they become serious.


Hi all thanks for all the replies, my rhuemy or the nurse never me for water sample i asked him a couple of years ago and he said it was not necessary so i did not push it.

Before i was diagnosed with lupus i twice ended up at A and E as i had too much protein in my water they gave me some tablets and it cleared up,

It must be eight years since my water was last tested.

My rheumy Is not the most pleasant of doctors so i am in and out as quick as possible when i go to see him.

Thanks for the replies



hi lorna

i also have rhematoid arthristis, the doctor shouldnt have said that to you because as far as im concerned they are equally as bad as each other in my opinon,i have been asked for a sample for both conditions. i suggest you just take a sample with you and ask for it to be tested.

angie xx


Hi Lornadoon

I was diagnosed with Lupus 8 years ago- and everytime I go to see my consultant ( I have had 3 due to staff moves) I have always had my urine tested- to ensure my kidneys are functioning properly. Your consultant sounds like an idiot- ask to see a different doctor.



Hi all thanks for the response, every time i go i have taken a sample just in case he wants it testing.

Each time i have asked the nurse does she need my sample and told no the doctor does not need it.

I cannot understand why she weighs me but does not want my urine sample, as i am not overweight.

Unfortunately he is the only Rhuemy i can see or go to another hospital.

I feel sorry for anyone with arthritis as i have it in my knees and wrists, but when he said this it was 4 years ago i am glad i go to a different hospital for my arthritis,and not him as he has a rather bad attitude to people.

I was sent to him in between appointments for my knees and he went mad as he told me the GP should be giving me the injections and not him.

So as you can see that is why i am reluctant to ask him anything.

Maybe when i go this week he may have changed who knows.



Hi Lornadoon, such a shame you have to put up with the bad attitude of this Rhuemy, he does not seem very understanding of Lupus at all. Personally I would lodge a complaint but if you feel uneasy about that could you ask your gp to test your urine or make an appointment with the surgeries nurse? As everyone else is saying I always get my urine checked at rhuemy and if I forget to bring I am scalded (lol) and sent to go pee in the cardboard tub. Good luck at next appointment


Don't you think reading most of these it shows we are all not being looked after properly. I was not always asked for a water sample. When I did ask the nurse she said, "you are on the ball aren't you"...Again, they always want to weigh me. I now show protein every time in my sample and get" we will keep an eye on it." I think it is important to have it checked. My rheumy was horrible to me so I went back to my GP and have been referred to another one at a different hospital-I don't know if he/she is any better yet. What I am saying is we all need to stand up for ourselves as we are the ones who suffer, the medics don't.Get your sample checked. Good Luck.


I have never been asked for a urine sample not even the first time I went, been going for 3 to 4 years now


hi custardpot we may have the same rhuemy, when i go this time if the nurse says no this time then i am going to see GP to ask if he can change the hospital.

Take care Lornadoon


That's outrageous! It's vital that a urine sample is taken to check for blood and protein. Ask your GP for advice if your rheumy is unapproachable. :-)


that is awful, I often have blood and protein my urine, which has led to more aggressive treatment. Things can be overlooked, because we look 'well'. i had a difficult time with my cardiologist, because he thought I was too young to have heart issues. I've had percariditis several times before it was diagnosed and was once hospitalised. Its so important to have sympathetic and supportive medical team so that you can feel confident and in control of managing your illness. Best of luck


Thank you all for correspondence i am at hospital today so see how it goes.

I was told the last time i went that as my sle is only mild that i only need to give bloods.

Maybe i should change hospitals as i have moved out of the area, the only problem i have is that i may be making a big mistake.

I will see how it goes today.

Thanks to you all Lornadoon


If you have Lupus - everytime you visit your DR you should have one. It is to keep track if we are spilling protiens in our Urine.


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