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Urine sample - confused!


This week my rheumatologist got in touch with my gp to ask me to provide another urine sample. I did this Tuesday. I had call today from the surgery asking me to repeat it when I'm not on my period. I am not on my period and asked why the Dr thought I was and she said it was because of the results. I assumed this meant there was blood present. She said to take another one next week so I explained I would likely be on my period by then. So I rang and spoke to the practice nurse and said it was because of mixed growth. I don't know whether to be worried or not as I'm newly diagnosed. Any comments appreciated x

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Don’t worry too much, I’ve had sample issues recently and was rung up by a doctor who said I had mixed growths. I started on antibiotics and need to have another sample analysed to check if everything is ok.good the doctors are checking.

cathylou in reply to MEW53

Do you have kidney issues? X

MEW53 in reply to cathylou

No, but I have Myositis with a Scleroderma overlap and this can affect the main organs in the body so I have monthly checks for bloods and urine, monitoring is good to have done regularly to ensure how the drugs are working. Cranberry juice is good.

cathylou in reply to MEW53

Thanks x

Mixed growth just means the specimen was contaminated and needs to be repeated. They don’t want you to give the specimen while on your period because it will show blood and not be able to be read accurately. I am a retired OB-gyn nurse. It’s nothing to worry about. Take care.

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