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i am recently diagnosed with sle, symptoms for over 3 years but originally diagnosed with RA.....I have noticed recently during a flair that i am getting problems with my vision it is like wavy lines as if i am seeing does not last long, about 5-10 mins but it can happen a number of times, has anybody else had anything like this, i am also really suffering with my joints at the moment and have been experiencing triggering of my fingers, so bad that i cant straighten them out it is affecting 2 fingers on my right hand and 1 on my left hand at the minute....does anyone else get this?


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  • I find my vision varies if I am in a flare my vision is not so good especially my distant vision. My Rheumy poo pooed this

  • Hi Jan,,Sorry to hear you having this problem!Do you use Hydroxy?I no i have read alot of people who use this(i do also)say we should have our eyes checked more regular than we normally would do.I am having quite some trouble seeing properly whilst driving in the dark(the glare from other headlights) i think it is getting worse,I too get triggering of the fingers,,i have only had this for the last 6months or so,i was diagnosed last August but have suffered this damn disease for alot of years.

    I do hope you get some help with your question.


  • Hi Dawn,

    I was taking hydroxy but have stopped because of side effects, seeing my rheumy next week......but it is comforting to know that other lupies have experienced similar issues, such as the triggering of the fingers. This condition seems to cause a new symptom every week! just wish i could forget about it and be normal again.



  • Hello Jan,

    My eye sight has changed dramatically in the past yr. If you are on plaquneil (sc) you should have your eyes checked every 6 months and its not a regular exam they do so make sure you let them know you have lupus and taking plaq.

    My doctor took me off. I also found that the eye drops Restassis is really good, but expensive also.

    The finger issue could be lack of potassium. I had that same issue and they also locked up on me . I take a presc. potassium pill 2xs a day, once I got this in me it helped a lot.

    I hope you find some relief.

  • Hi Rhonda,

    Will speak to my rheumy about the potassium, i am seeing him next week and i have a list of queries as long as your arm to ask him about. The last time i saw him i still had the diagnosis of RA and only found out about the lupus when i received a letter for a education appointment with the nurse at my rheumy clinic, when i phoned to ask why i needed an education appointment i was told by the nurse i had lupus.....the letter confirming this from my consultant arrived days later!!!

  • My fingers go like that sometimes. It always disappears after a few days. I'm sure i read somewhere that, thats how lupus affects the fingers. I have also developed hitchikers thumbs. Another sign of lupus.

  • Hi Melinda,

    It only lasts a few days with me as well, and always seems to be worse after i have been at work!



  • My eye problems started last June and didn't get diagnosed until Nov,Bilateral Diffuse Episcloritis brought on by Lupus. Alot of eye drops, had to stop driving in the dark as any lights were like big stars and wet weather made things alot worse. I looked liked an alien with red eyes,taking Hydroxy and still recovering and using eye drops forever. Don't drive if it gets too bad get someone else too. Having my eye tests June and August, Istill have days when I cannot see properly out of one eye or both and usually do alot of blinking. I do hope things improve for you.x

  • Hi, when I gone to doctor for changing my glasses, he found woulds (scars) in my right eye and he sent me to hospital for more exams. Lupus had cause it but I don;t know when. Twice when I drove I saw red lines instead of red headlights. It;s really dangerous!!!!!!!! It isn;t from plaquenil actually.

  • Hi, thanks for the reply.....i have seen my rheumatologist today and he is sending me for some eye/vision tests as well as an MRI scan, he thinks it is due to the lupus and not the plaquenil

  • I am not on any medication right now, herbal treatment only, and the trigger finger gets better, but is still there....and i have the wiggly vision at the moment.

  • I wish you good luck!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I am getting that underwater vision right now. Wondering what it is.....I also have trigger finger in my right middle finger, which I entertain myself with when it gets hands hurt a lot too....

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