Water retention ?

I have for sometime been gaining weight quite quickly, I blamed meds and had them changed. The gain has continued so I have been very careful what I have been eating and I am definitely not over eating. and I still gain and loose but still over a stone that shouldn't be there. I have spoken to my GP about this a few times and after bloods came back fine, he has fobbed me off. Someone (a friend who also has lupus) suggested I measure my in take and output of fluids, I am now on day 3 of this and over the last 2 days there has been a difference of 780mls, Has anyone else experienced this or has any advice! Thanks, have a good day, :)

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Watch your salt as it gives you water retention ,but our mobility is slower and not burning those calories,I would be interested to find out your findings

enjoy your day.


Thanks, Janciceray I will let you know! if I get any answers, have a good day :)


See a renal consulatnt!!!!

Had this problem 3 years ago. Started just as weight loss and then retention of water. tired. listless etc. They thought it was a flare and non production of iron which was part of the story, but took some bloods, then had to do a biopsy of kidneys as bloods were off. Ended up with no kidneys and dialysis for 2.5 years before getting a transplant last May 13th... still get water retention and have to take the old weeing tablets as new kidney only at 29% but still off dialysis.

I have no desire to scare you, just passing on what happened to me.

I hope you feel better soon and am sending love hugs and smiley faces to help you through the day.


Hi Amandalilley, I have recently had blood test done and liver and kidney function all come back fine. Been to gp again today, he really isn't interested and said move around more, I feel so angry with him right now, I do not sit around or stay in bed I move around the house constantly as if I sit for more than 2o minutes I become very uncomfortable with a poker type pain in my back lung or kidney area. This has gone on for years. So I do move around. I have watched my diet and all that has done is constipate me. I am feeling like such a time waster at the doctors but I know something is not right.

He had me lay on bed today, I became very dizzy, and have spent the last 4 hours on bed :( I never take to my bed, so I am not a happy bunny. But really I have no idea what to do next and Iat the minute I can't be bothered anyway. Totally spinning out now so must go, thanks for you comments, I wishing you the best of luck x


Hi Pollyanna. Dont give up... ask for a 2nd opinion, try another dr. Look for a dr near you who has an interest in Lupus. Call St Thomas hospital, they always have nurses there that can call you back. I know its frustrating, i have been there, I was not diagnosd for for ages and they kept telling me lupus was all in my head..... Even when I had renal failure it took a while to be diagnosed.

Check the american websites, sign up with some of them, they have dr's you can ask questions tp on line through e mail.

Even now 14years later I am the one that tells all my consultants when something is wrong. It took me a long time to find my dr and i am determined to keep him.

Keep going, but def change your dr, he/she is obviously is not in the least bit interested and probably another one that thinks its all in the mind.

You are NOT a time waster, that what dr's are paid for.

take a break from the stress for a day or 2, look at it nxt wk, it might be a little clearer in your head.

Take care, sending all my positive thoughts to you.


Thanks hun, I am just going to try and forget about it all till next week, like you said and I know I will get there in the end, I do appreciate your responses and support x


I have recently joined slimming world as I have two stone I would like to lose and I struggle with weight loss and I don't eat vast amounts at all!! I swell up and I know this because my fingers feel tight in the mornings and there have been times when I can see my legs swollen. I would also like to know as I don't really like to take anymore tablets. I might mention it to my rheumy as I do suffer from protein in my urine at times too. Hope we get some answers hun!


Hi LupieLou, thanks for your response :) I also attended slimming world years ago and I think its a great way to loose weight, my concern is not with the weight gain (well it is! cos I am not happy with it) but with how quick it went on and I know for what I am eating now I should be losing it, and I am not. Something is going on in there and I am so fed up with being fobbed off. My gp said that although there may be slight swelling in my feet (as I could not wear my dolly shoes yesterday) he can see my ankles have shape and there is no indentation when he presses. I will continue to monitor this but probably wont get anywhere until I see rheumy in June. Good luck with the diet hope it goes well :) thanks for your response, have a good day :)


Could be your med's - Steroids hold onto water! Also you do not mention your age, but I am 40yrs and premenopausal and have been for the past 2 and half years. My periods have become very irregular and some months i am bleeding for longer than others. I have noticed that at least 8 to 10 days before I am due, my stomach is very bloated and look 3 - 4 months pregnant at times. I started using an exercise bike with My GP's advice and this does seem to help - as i noticed that I needed the toilet a lot more afterwards. It's surprising how much water the body can hold.

I do not cook with salt or add salt to any of my food and have started to follow more of a Mediterean diet which I find is healthier and much more tasteful. i don't believe in diets - just healthy eating and regular exercise.

I put on 2 stone with steroids and it has took me over a year, but I have 8lb to go before i am back to my original weight. I am still on 5mg per day steroids but haven't put on any further weight gain. Because the weather is improving try walking it's still a form of exercise! Good Luck!


Hiya Lulabelle, Yes my age 48 was a thought although there are no signs of menopause, I am still very regular, and no change apart from becoming more painful now! I am not on steroids, I am just fat and frustrated :( I cant really exercise due to the fatigue and muscle weakness, so its an all round bummer! :( but I still stretch as much as possible, I think if I had gained the weight gradually I could say that was ok, but it just came on bang within 3 weeks! I am very careful with my food, and what I eat, apart from my pack of crisp every night, I only eat fruit, activia yog and my tea! so I am at a loss with it all, thanks for your response, and I hope you are keeping well, :)


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