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DISCOID LUPUS Does anyone out there with this condition get really tired and have a bad memory?


I have Discoid Lupus, which I have been told is mainly just a skin condition.

I get extremely tired especially during the summer months, I have pain in my knees and back and my memory and concentration levels are deteriorating. Sometimes I feel like there is a cloud in my head.

I have negative ANA results and was told a few years ago I did not have arthritis.

Could these symptoms have anything to do with Discoid Lupus or am I just getting older (45 this year)

If anyone out is experiencing similar symptoms, please let me know.

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as a suffered with same as you i had tests done and ended up with rynanards and after have iiprost infusions every week in hospital


I got rynanards 1st then i git the SLE.


Hi have you had your INR checked recently?

I started to get really bad memory loss issues and when I spoke to someone at the Lupus centre at St Thomas' I was told that if mr INR wasn't at the correct level it is a bit like putting oil that is too thick into your car engine it won't reach all the parts of the engine this was certainly true in my case. good luck


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