Hi everyone,,heu i was wondering if anyone else had tried Buprenophine? i am using in the patch form,,apply to skin and after 7days apply a new one.I have found Tramadol some times gives me no pain relief whatsoever and the docs want me to try this patch.I have worn it now for 48hours but told it may take time to fully enter blood stream!Any one else experience of these patches for pain relief? t hank you and wish you all well as you can be. Regards,,Dawn.

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hi dawn they work for me most of the time except in an exceptional flare find them really good i couldnt tolerate tramadol. and also you get a steady dose. i dont let any one come between me and my patches. we had to alter the dose to get the strenght right so it took a little while.

also had a minor skin irritation at the patch sight, pain clinic asked my gp to give me a water based stroid nasal spay which you apply two where you going to place the patches 20min before hand and let it dry. does the trick no problem no more skin irritation.

best wishes tatty


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