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Hello :)

What i thought was a sinus infection (intense frontal and temple headaches, lots of lovely coloured snot, eye pain, cheek pain, ear pain and jaw pain, you know normal feelings of being squashed in a vice). Doc presecibed me 2 weeks of moxifloxacin and a nasal spray for allergies as well as am xray.

Day 12 and im finally feeling some relief. *some being the operative word*

Doc calls me to review the xray. No sinuitis.


Rather he is a bit confused, he says the xray show slight inflamation of my frontal lobe and osteomyletis.

Does anyone else here have any experience with this, particularily in the frontal lobe? My daughter has this in her knee (complication from a surgery).

Does anyone know what i am to expect?

Thanks :)

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Hello Lara. My answer is: Yes. This is: No picnic, but my experience seems to have resolved with long term daily high dose oral antibiotics (flucloxacilin for 5 months).

5 + years ago it turned out I'd had bacterial infection in my left sinus (sinusitis) & the jaw beneath it (osteomyelitis) for many (say 20 minimum) years unrecognised by my dentist. The upper molar roots were intruding into the sinus enabling the spread of infection. My flaring symptoms + lack of resolution with normal shorter term courses of oral antibiotics + X-ray all = these diagnoses.

At the time my infant onset lupus diagnosis was in the process of being recovered by a brilliant chief rheumatologist at a top uk Lupus & vasculitis team. She referred me to her colleagues in ENT & maxillo facial clinics. Between us all we were able to sort my infections out without surgery.

My active sinusitis tends to be hard to see in X-ray. CT scan & various other types of advanced scan by hospital ENT & maxillo facial clinics are more revealing. But my osteomyelitis did show as lucency in xray

Now it's 5 years on and I'm 63. we know I have a version of early onset primary immunodeficiency running alongside my version of lupus. Immunology are thinking the PID accounts for various chronic "pockets of bacteria-driven sepsis" in various parts of of my bod: sinus, upper jaw, urinary tract, stomach. And perhaps this pattern accounts for the unusual character of my osteomyelitis + sinusitis experience. Whatever, my GP, my immunology clinic & I are constantly vigilant re me & infections. I understand that now I'm more liable to be treated with in antibiotics should osteomyelitis flare again

Am wishing you all the very best

And hoping you'll keep us posted

🍀🍀🍀🍀 coco

Lara4228 in reply to Barnclown


...are thinking the PID accounts....

What is PID?

Barnclown in reply to Lara4228

Sorry: see start of 3rd para above: PID = primary immunodeficiency (my version began before I started to take prescription immunosuppression. It involves chronic hypogammaglobulinaemia (below range immunoglobulins G, A, M). + lymphopenia. This sets me up for recurring complex persistent infections)

PMRpro in reply to Barnclown

Hehe - better use the full version because the thing that sprang to my mind was pelvic inflammatory disease - and that is what you find with DrG!!!

Barnclown in reply to PMRpro


I'd hope you'd expect a very prompt emergency referral to a specialist - BC, am I right?

Barnclown in reply to PMRpro

Yes PMRpro: so right 👍👍👍👍

Lara, is it your GP the doctor who is handling the investigations & treatment you've told us about? I recall you were moving? And you're in North America?

If the health system currently has your diagnosis & treatment underway re your version of immune dysfunction & connective tissue disorder, then I'd expect your GP to immediately contact your rheumatologist (& immunologist if you have one) about these infections & your treatment plans generally

How are you feeling today?

Lara4228 in reply to Barnclown

Hi :)

Correct, I am in process of moving back to Alberta.

I have no rhumey, no specialist. Just a gyno for other girly issues, My dermo, who doesn't take my sleep serious and my GP.

Really can't wait for my appt in Montreal.

Just woke up and feeling sore and stiff. Mentally very good :) Looks like it will be a good day...at least I'm hoping :)

Lara4228 in reply to PMRpro

AB now. Was in Ontario when I had x-ray done. I know, very confusing. The ENT I saw was in Hamilton, he was a wash-out, but then again, I was sent to him because of my intense ear pain.

My GP is confused, so I am hoping he is curious enough to look into it with a bit more seriousness

Barnclown in reply to Lara4228

Good: he really should do so. Stay close to him.

I hope the antibiotics work their good magic

Take care


PMRpro in reply to Lara4228

Hope they are the right abx.

Your GP shouldn't be too confused - he has a wonderful resource available - Dr Google has his uses and this is one. It didn't take me long to find some good stuff with his assistance.

Fingers crossed xxxxx

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